Zelda: Majora’s Mask 3D – Bottle Location Guide

Update: Added information on the newly included 7th bottle. Huge thanks to Aaron for the heads up.

Want to know how to get all 7 empty bottles in Majora’s Mask? Need a place to start? Then good news, I have a quick and concise guide on how to get all 6 empty bottles in the Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask 3D.


Bottle #1

You can get Bottle # 1 on day 1,2 or 3, but please be mindful that conditions change on what day you attempt to retrieve the item. On day 1, find Koume at the end of the Woods of Mystery within the southern swamp. After speaking to Koume, return to the Magic Hag shop to receive a battle filled with red potion.

Alternatively, during day 2 or 3 return to Woods of Mystery to find Koutake flying around. Find and speak to Koutake to be given a bottle filled with red potion, which you must deliver the potion to Koume.

Bottle #2

After completing Snowhead Temple, head to Goron Village. At the bottom floor find the Big Goron (lying on its belly). Speaking to the Goron, you will be tasked to deliver the Power Keg to the entrance to the Goron Races. The Goron Races are located in the area leading up to the Goron Villages (with multiple wooded bridge and Mr Tingle). After opening up the Goron Races, compete and come first in a race to receive a bottle with Gold Dust.

Bottle #3

Completed in Day one. After getting the privilege to buy Power Kegs (this is done by returning to the Big Goron after opening the Goron Races), you can now blow up the boulder at the Milk Road. Go inside Romani ranch and speak to Romani himself. Agree to protect his cows. During the times 2:00 Am and 6:00 Am you must protect the cows from the snatching aliens. Succesfully completing the mission, you will be rewarded with a bottle with Romani Chateau inside.

Bottle #4

You will need a hookshot and Zora mask to complete this mission. In the narrow section of the Great Bay Coast, you will notice several platforms with tree in which you can hookshot to. Gradually climb your way to the top, until you find a cave to access the Waterfall Rapids. Talk to the mechanical beaver inside the body of water. Agree to the beavers challenge and swim through 20 rings (and again through 25 rings against the older brother). Successfully completing the challenge will reward you an empty bottle.

Bottle # 5

Complete Koume target practice challenge in the Southern Swamo. Sucessfully completing the challenge you will be rewarded with a bottle. Available after Woodfall Temple.

Bottle #6

This one of the more complicated quests as there can be multiple rewards depending on your actions. So please follow the steps carefully! Note: I have eliminated non-compulsory events.

  • On day one, after 2:10 pm, Speak to Anju (located at the Stock Pot Inn, East Clock Time) with the Kafei Mask  on(given to you by the fat lady at the Mayors Residence).
  • Speak to Anju again at the Inn’s kitchen on 12:ooam to receive a letter. Deliver the letter to any postbox asap.
  • Wait at the Laundry Pool until 3pm. The postman will ring the bell prompting Kafei to walk out to collect the mail. While he is collecting the mail from the postman take the opportunity to run inside his quarters and wait for him to enter. Speak to Kafei to be rewarded.
  • On the final day, return to the Laundry Pool at 1:00pm to find the Curiosity Shop owner waiting. Speak to him to receive the Keaton Mask and the Priority mail.
  • After 6:oopm on the final day, enter the Milk Bar (you will need the Romani Mask). Find Madame Aroma (the fat lady that gave you the Kafei mask. Wearing the Kafei Mask give the Priority Mail to Madame Aroma; in return she will give you the last bottle.

Bottle #7

On the second day while wearing the Troupe Leaders Mask, find Gorman Troupe sleeping at the Stock Pott Inn. Gorman will ask you for retrieve the Mystery Milk from his brothers at the Milk Road. Make your way to his brothers (while wearing the Leaders mask) to receive the Mystery Milk. Now you will need to deliver the milk back to Gorman Troupe before 2 minute time limit elapses. Successfully delivering the milk will reward you with the 7th bottle.

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  1. Actually, this guide only works for the original Majora’s Mask. There are now 7 empty bottles to be collected instead of 6. I won’t spoil where they are for those who haven’t 100 percented the game yet but do be aware that this guide isn’t accurate for Majora’s Mask 3D.

  2. The location of the 5th bottle is also different in the 3D version. You get a piece of heart after completing the mini game with Dampe.

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