Yoshi’s Woolly World All Amiibo Costumes

Following trend with recent Wii U games, Yoshi’s Woolly World is compatible with various Amiibo figurines. Apart from the Yarn Yoshi Amiibo, the Super Smash Bros. Series and Splatoon series are compatible with Yoshi’s Woolly World. They don’t unlock additional content, but rather Yarn Yoshi costumes.

So if you want to change the pattern and color of your Yarn Yoshi simply tap one of your Amiibo’s and watch your Yoshi transform right in front of your face.

I suppose there aren’t many Nintendo Fans that have the full collection of Amiibo’s, so it is unlikely you will never have the opportunity to see all the costumes up personally. The next best thing is to watch all the Amiibo costumes in video form and luckily for us someone has kindly done all the work.

YouTube user – Luigikid Gaming – has uploaded a fantastic video showcasing all Amiibo costumes in Yoshi’s Woolly World. Most Amiibo have a costume equivalent with the only exception being the Pokemon (Pikachu, Charizard, Greninja). Please do check it out below.

Yoshi’s Woolly World has been released in Europe. Unfortunately, North America will have to wait until November before they get their hands on the titles.

For all the latest updates on Yoshi’s Woolly World, stay tuned at Nintendo News Fix.

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