Yo-Kai Watch: Yo-kai Fusion Guide

Yo-Kai Watch: Yo-kai Fusion Guide

Distinguishing itself from the Pokemon series, Yo-kai Watch has a unique gameplay mechanic that allows players to fuse two Yo-kai together to form a stronger and much more powerful Yo-kai. More interestingly, you can go beyond fusing two Yo-kai, the game allows players to fuse a Yo-kai with a specific item to create ultra rare Yo-kai’s.

This mechanic is known as Fusion in Yo-kai Watch and is a fun mechanic that allows you to find and match combinations to create powerful Yo-kai’s.

In this guide, we will take you through all the fusion combinations for the Yo-kai to Yo-kai and Yo-kai to Items.

How to Fuse Yo-kai’s

To fuse Yo-ka, just pay a visit to Mr. Zen who can be located at the Shoten temple. When you have the correct recipe material ready at hand, Mr. Zen will allow you to fuse the Yo-kai’s.

Two Yo-kai Fusion

To fuse two Yo-kai together, you will need to have the correct materials at hand. You cannot fuse two random Yo-kai’s together, it just doesn’t work this way. To help you out, I’ve put together a list of all Fused Yo-kai’s and the respective material Yo-kai’s needed in order to create it.

Please note this is incomplete. I will add more Yo-kai’s as soon as more are discovered.

Material Yo-kai Material Yo-kai Fused Yo-kai
Jibanyan Coughkoff Thornyan
Jibanyan Roughraff Baddinyan
Castelius III Castelius III Castelius II
Castelius II Castelius II Castelius I
Cupistol Dazzabel Rattelle
Dismarelda Happierre Reversa
Armsman Helmsman Reuknight
Enerfly Enerfly Betterfly
Manjimutt Manjimutt Multimutt
Tengloom Hidabat Abodabat
Mochismo Dulluma Darumacho

Yo-kai item Fusion

Two fuse a Yo-kai with an item, you will need to have the correct Yo-kai and the correct item to be successful. The following table details all the Fusion Yo-kai with their material Yo-kai and material item.

Please note this is incomplete. I will add more Yo-kai’s as soon as more are discovered.

Material Yo-kai Material Item Fused Yo-kai
Ake Buff Weight Payn
Beetler General’s Soul Beetall
Castelius I Platinum Bar Castelius Max
Chansin Legendary Blade Sheen
Chansin Cursed Blade Snee
Chansin Holy Blade Gleam
Cupistol Love Buster Casanuva
Draggie Dragon Orb Dragon Lord
Frostina Glacial Clip Blizzaria
Grumples Ageless Powder Everfore
Noko Drop of Joy Bloominoko
Pupsicle Snowstorm Cloak Chilhuahua
Rhinoggin Unbeatable Soul Rhinormous
Signibble GHz Orb Signiton
Shmoopie Love Scepter Pinkipoo
Timidevil Shard of Evil Beelzebold

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  1. Very informative. I am new to the game and finding all the info a bit overwhelming, but thanks to people like yourself it’s getting a little easier to take it all in. Thank you for your effort. I look forward to fusing more Yo Kai.

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