Xenoblade Chronicles X: Unlock All Party Members Guide

How to unlock all Party Members in Xenoblade Chronicles X

Xenoblade Chronicles X features an extensively lineup of characters that are able to join your party when doing the hundreds of missions that the game offers.

Unfortunately however, not all Party members joins naturally during the story missions. In fact most require you to have complete specific objects before they are happy to join your side.

With so many missions it can be confusing to sift through what quest is needed to unlock a new party member. To help my fellow Blade members,

I’ve put together a helpful guide detailing what Affinity mission is needed to be complete for a party member to be unlocked. Of course, I’ve also put together a general prerequisite and general level needed to successfully complete the affinity mission.

Furthermore, I’ve organized it in chronological order so you can keep track of your progress and decide whether you are able to take on the affinity mission.

Things to consider

Recruiting new party members almost always requires you to complete a specific affinity mission. Therefore you must be committed in completing the objective as the game will not allow you to continue onto the main story until the affinity mission is completed.

Furthermore, some affinity mission may pit you against enemies that are a few level higher than the required level of the affinity mission. I would advise you to be a few level highers than the prerequisite to make things a little easier for you.

Adding new members to your party

A little peeve of mine is that you cannot switch party members on will in Xenoblade chronicles X. You will need to directly find the members at NLA and request to join them. It’s a little annoying, but a not overly so. If you want to know where each party member resides, use the table below.

xenoblade chronicle x party members

Name Division Location Prerequisite/Recommended Level How to unlock
Elma Reclaimers Blade Barracks During Story Mission Start of the game
Lin Outfitters Blade Barracks During Story Mission During Chapter 1
Doug Harrier Admin. District During Story Mission Complete Chapter 3
Gwin Interceptors Admin. District During Story Mission Complete Chapter 3
Irina Interceptors Admin. District During Story Mission Complete Chapter 3
H.B Pathfinders Admin. District Level 12, After Chapter 3 Complete “A New Rival” Affinity Mission
Yelv Reclaimers Commercial Dist. Level 15, After Chapter 3 Complete “Meeting Yelv” Affinity Mission
L Wanderer Admin. District During Story Mission Complete Chapter 4
Lao Pathfinders Admin. District During Story Mission During Chapter 4
Alexa Outfitters Industrial District After Chapter 4, Start the “Guinea Pig Wanted” Mission Complete the “Weaponised” Affinity Mission
Phog Christoph Prospector Residential District Lv 14, After Chapter 4, Start “Backup Request” Mission Complete Froggy Dilemma
Boz Lowes Harrier Commercial Dist. Level 20, Have started the “Backup Request” Mission Complete “The Mad Monk” Affinity Mission
Frye Interceptors Industrial District Level 20, After Chapter 4, Start the infinity mission at Night Complete the “Bottoms Up” Affinity Mission
Hope Alanzi Mediator Residential District Level 21, Accept the “Marry Me” mission, After Chapter 4 Complete “Hope Spring Eternal” Affinity Mission
Murderess Curator Admin. District Level 23, After Chapter 4 Complete my Dream Affinity Mission
Celica Prospector Industrial District Lv 43, After Chapter 9, Finished “Manhunt” Affinity Mission Complete the “New in New LA” Affinity Mission
Nagi NLA Defense Secretary Admin. District After Chapter 8 After Chapter 8, Speak Vandham to start Affinity Mission “Nagi Time”. Complete it!
Mia Curator Ma-non Ship Several Missions needs to be completed before Mia is unlocked 1. After Chapter 3, complete “Mamma Mia” mission.

2. After Chapter 5. Meet her at Skybound Coil Tree (Oblivia) and finish “Adventure” Mission.

3. After Chapter 6, meet her at the Leaning Ring (Oblivia) and finish “Might Mia” Mission.

4. After Chapter 9, complete the “A Girls Wings” Affinity Mission.

5. After Chapter 11, complete the “Definian Downfall” mission.

6. Complete the “Mia is Missing” at Ganglion Antropolos.

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