Xenoblade Chronicles X: Skells License Exam Guide

How to unlock Skells in Xenoblade Chronicles X

Skells in Xenoblade Chronicles are the ultimate weapon of Blade. Strong, fast and furable; Skells are the epitome of power and awesomeness, and will become a vital tool in the later half of the game. That is to say they are essential in your plight against the Xenoforms and the Indilgens.¬†However, obtaining the privilege to use the Skells is a long and arduous process designed to ready the player to use the Skell technology. As Ms. Lin would say only the “cream of the crop” are selected to be Skell Pilots.

To help my fellow Blade members, I’ve decided to put together a handy guide on how to obtain your Skell License and to essentially unlock the Skell for use in Xenoblade Chronicles X.

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Getting started and pre-requisites

The Skells License exam is not available until you have completed Chapter 6 of the main story, so don’t expect the skells to be made available until you have killed dozens of hours into the game. Once you have reached this point of the main story, speak to Vandham to begin the Skell’s License Exam.

There are in total eight (8) Proficieny exams to complete from the different division of Blade before you are given your Skell License.

Proficiency Examination #1: Pathfinders

This mission is fairly easy and should pose no problem at all. Essentially what you need to do is plant a Data Probe at FrontierNav point 117, which is directly Northwest of New Los Angeles.

Proficiency Examination #2: Interceptors

The second proficiency examination is from the Interceptors. They will ask you to defeat 12 Blitz Blattaz at Noctilum. The best tip is to travel to Noctilum and follow the yellow arrow on your indicator to find groups of Blitz Blattaz. Simply defeat 12 Blitz Blattaz to pass the test.

Proficiency Examination #3:  Harriers

A mission from the Harriers. In this mission you will need to defeat Shatsikh, the Flash at Northpointe Cove. Shatsikh is an elusive being often not appearing at it’s location. You will need to constantly check the location until he appears. Shatsikh is at level 25 and will pose a challenge to those unprepared. Note Shatsikh is a tyrant.

Proficiency Examination #4: Reclaimers

This one is really easy. All you need to do is retrieve the Solar Starship Map at Humdrum Peaks. Fast travel to the area and follow the yellow arrow in your mini map to locate the map. Retrieving the map will allow you to pass the 4th Skell exam.

Proficiency Examination #5: Curators

This exam is time consuming and a tad annoying. Essentially you will need to collect 8 Rock Armidillos which are found Noctilum, 3 Beagflea Squashes found in Oblivia and 6 Multi-speckled Ladybugs in Primordia.

Rock Armidillos can be found in good supplies in the Cave Areas of Noctilum. Or you could simply explore the entire continent for them. Meanwhile Beaflea Squash can be found at the FrontierNav point 117 (the forgotten valley)

And the Multi-speckled Ladbugs can be retrieved at FrontierNav point 112 in Primordia. Finding the respective items will consume some time (if you don’t already have them).

Proficiency Examination #6: Prospectors

In this examination you will need to successfully earn over 15, 000 credits in one sitting by using the FrontierNav. A little tip to successfully complete this exam, is to plant the probes at FrontierNav point 216, 220 and 225 and wait a couple of minutes for the money to accumulate.

Proficiency Examination #7: Outfitters

This one is fairly straight forward. First you must retrieve three trial weapons from Tauler located at Division Drive (just need to engage a conversation). The three weapons are Trial Knife, Trial Assault Rifle, Trial Sword. Pick one weapon and use it to defeat 3 Giant Grexes which can be found around Primordia (Biahno Hills).

Proficiency #8:  Mediators

The last exam will require you to complete one of three missions:

1.The Handy Ma-non (not recommended)

Talk to Sostenasa at the Administrative District. You will need to gather 5 stripped plating from Pugiliths (Oblivia), 3 Qaulity Fuses from Pugilith (Oblivia), 1 honey oil from Copper Cinicula and windshield grass (Primordia)

2. The Pip-squeek (recommended)

Talk to Matthew at the Industrial Industry. This is probably the easiest of the three. All you need to do is to talk to certain individuals and gather foods from a number of restaurants.

3. That’s In-credible

Talk to Tutura at the Administration Industry. You will need to defeat various indilgens with specific weapons. Probably the easiest mission to complete behind Pip-Squeek.


Once you have completed all proficiency exams speak to Walter at the Hangar of the Administrative District to receive your first Skell. Congratulation you are now officially a Skell pilot.

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  1. Actually the squash is found in the northeast of oblivia. FN site 316. A real pain to look for.

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