Xenoblade Chronicles X Info: DLC, Online Modes & Wallpaper

The official Xenoblade Chronicles X website has been updated with a whole new batch of information including DLC, online modes and wallpaper

Firstly Xenoblade Chronicles X will feature four optional characters that can be purchased as DLC packs. The DLC characters are HB, Boze, Axana and Yelve, with each character accompanied with 3 quests and blue points to a unique Skell. The DLC packs will cost 500 yen each with the first set for release on May 8th.

More information as emerged on the online features of Xenoblade Chronicles X. Players can participate in Online Quests, but only when they have completed a sufficient amount of Squad Missions. In Online Quests, you can join up with other players from around the globe to gather valuable minerals and take on the mighty “World Enemies.”

Xenoblade Chronicles X hits Japanese tomorrow, April 29. Sadly the title still does not have a solid release window for North America, Europe and Australia, but Nintendo has remained committed to 2015.

In the meantime, you can download a number of Xenoblade Chronicles X wallpapers below.

To get all the news on Xenoblade Chronicles X  stay tuned at NNF.

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