Wii U Game Pencil Engine 0.1.1 Alpha Now Available

Pawbyte has proudly announced that the alpha version of their Wii U engine – Game Pencil – is now available for prospective developers.

Game Pencil Engine is free to use without royalties or an upfront payment payment and is a viable alternative to Unity3D, Game Maker and Construct 2 to develop Wii U games. The developers have setup a press release for the engine detailing the current state of development, which you can read up on at their website.

Since the engine is at the Alpha phase, Pawbyte is seeking feedback, criticism and suggestions. So any prospective developers wanting to test out the engine please use this link here.

To contact get in touch with Pawbyte regarding any queries on the engine, please use this link here.

As always, stay tuned at NNF for all things Nintendo.

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