Volga Gets Fiery In New Hyrule Warriors Trailer

Just when you think Hyrule Warriors could not get any hotter, Koei Tecmo has shared a brand new trailer  showcasing the fiery antagonist, Volga. An original character designed by Koei Tecmo for Hyrule Warriors, Volga is Cia’s right hand man and will constantly appear in the battlefield attempting to foil the efforts of our brave Hyrulean Warriors.

In this new trailer, the dragon knight shows off his prowess in the battlefield. Wielding his trustee spear and able to control the element of fire with perfection, Volga will surely be an insanely fun character to play as.

Koei Tecmo recently announced that Volga, alongside with Cia and Wizzro, will be playable characters in Hyrule Warriors. The three antagonists will be included in a DLC pack, which is set to be released in Japan and the West in the not-too-soon future. In addition to that, a costume pack which comes complete with new costumes for Cia, Lana and Epona will be available on October 16.

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