About Us

Greeting and Salutations!

Curious about Nintendo News Fix (NNF)? Do you want to know more about us? Then you have clicked on the right page. Here we will disclose everything there is to know about us! From our history, to who we are and what we do.

Our Mission Statement

Nintendo News Fix was created to provide the gaming community with the latest and most comprehensive Nintendo news on the internet. Sure other major publications may cover Nintendo news, but it is often diluted by superfluous fluff irrelevant to the Ninty fan-base. Here at NNF, we solely focus on Nintendo and Nintendo only.

Moreover, we do not strictly focus on the news. While it is a strong suit of ours РNNF does have supplementary content Рwhich includes an impressive library of reviews, previews, feature articles, top countdowns and guides.

In essence our mission is to become the leading source – the one stop shop – to get all your Nintendo fixations.