How To Unlock All The Nintendo Costumes in Bayonetta 2

How To Get The Star Fox, Samus, Peach and Link Costumes

Bayonetta 2 features a number of fashionable Nintendo-themed costumes for our beloved heroine to wear. Apart from her sexy leather body suit – Bayonetta can wear a Star Fox, Samus, Peach and Link costume. Best of all, these costumes are not simple aesthetic changes, they also have some neat in-game effects that will have Nintendo fans light up with happiness.

The bad news is that these Nintendo costumes are not unlocked from the get go and worst of all they come with a hefty price tag. The Nintendo costumes can be from Rodin’s shop.

Bayonetta 2 Nintendo Costumes

Firstly, you will need to select Rodin’s treasure and scroll down until you find Super Mirror 64-2, which has the price tag of 100, 000 halos. Buying the Super Mirrors 64-2 will automatically give you the Star Fox costume.

Bayonetta 2 Nintendo Costumes

Once you have purchased the Super Mirror 64-2, four more costumes will be made available for purchase: the Sarasala, the Princess Peach costume, Link costume and the Samus Aran costume. Each costume will cost you 100,000 halos, so they don’t come cheaply.

In terms of effects, the Star Fox costumes allows you to shoot lasers from your gun. The Peach costume will have bowsers hand appear when you use Umbran Climax. The Link will replace halo’s with Rupees, and the Samus costume will allow you to use screw attack and the power bomb when in morph ball mode.

In the gran schemes of things, the Nintendo costumes don’t particularly give you an edge during combat, so just pick your favorite first. Anyway, I hope this helps.

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  1. Just a note, the Link costume allows you to use the effect of the Accessory “Moon of Mahaa-Kalaa” without the accessory itself needing to be equipped. This allows you to have the effect of 3 different accessories in play at once. It also transforms the weapon Shuraba into the master sword.

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