How To Unlock All Characters In Bayonetta 2

Complete Guide To Unlocking Jeanne, Rosa, Balder And Rodin

Bayonetta 2 features a number of playable which you can use in Tag Climax and even in the Story Mode. However, unfortunately, the extra are not available from the playable and as such need to be unlocked during playtime. If you want to play as someone besides Bayonetta then use this helpful guide as reference on how to unlock Jeanne, Rosa, Balder and Rodin in Bayonetta 2.


To unlock Jeanne, you will need to beat Story mode on any difficulty. Clearing the final chapter will have Jeanne available for play in Tag Climax and in Story. Jeanne plays similarly to Bayonetta, but with a few key difference. Firstly, Jeanne can dodge non-stop, takes a little more damage than Bayonetta and a few other differences.


To unlock Bayonetta’s mother – Rosa – you will need to beat the story mode at 3rd Climax difficulty level (hard level). Rosa is one of the most devastating characters in Bayonetta 2 as her attacks do an insane amount of damage. However, her power if offset by her relatively power defenses leaving her susceptible to easy kills.


To unlock Balder you must beat Verse Card No. 13 – The Light & Dark: Balder & Rosa – in Tag Climax. You will notice that Verse Card. No. 13 is not available when you initially boot up Tag Climax. The verse card will appear randomly during a tag Climax session. I recommend just playing tag climax until the verse card appears with a notification that a “challenger is approaching.” The battle itself is fairly challenging as you will have to face-off against Balder and Rosa. It is recommended that you play with a skillful player or have decent skill yourself. Of course, you can play with a CPU.


To Unlock Rodin you must beat Verse Card No. 53 – The Infinite One: Rodin – in Tag Climax. Again like Balder the Verse Card will randomly appear in Tag Climax. So my suggestion would be is to keep playing Tag Climax until the Verse Card rears its ugly head infront of you. In the challenge, you will be playing against Rodin himself. I don’t need to tell you that the Verse Card is difficult to say the least, but still very manageable.

These are all the playable characters in Bayonetta 2 (as far as I know), so good luck unlocking them all and hopefully this is helpful.

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  1. For rosa do you need to beat every level in 3rd climax or just the final boss?

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  3. How many tag matches does it take to get balder


  5. I can not wait to unlock Rosa!!!

  6. Can you not play as balder I’m story mode?

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