How To Unlock Agitha In Hyrule Warriors

Want to know how to unlock Agitha in Hyrule Warriors?

You’ve probably finished Legend Mode in Hyrule Warriors and now pondering why Agitha has not been unlocked, despite the Bug Princess appearing in the campaign. It turns out Agitha, among others character like Ghirahim and Zant, can only be unlocked in Adventure mode and NOT in Legendary mode.

The harsh reality is, that you will need to grind through Adventure Mode to unlock Agitha in Hyrule Warriors. Thankfully, from my recollection, the road to Agitha is quite easy. So it shouldn’t take too long to unlock the Bug Princess.

hyrule warriors agitha

Firstly, please save a Water Bomb in your inventory. This is needed to uncover a secret passage in the  Adventure Mode map. You will need to head to the grid position marked by the red circle in the image above. Now, given that you have a Water Bomb, press X to search the grid.

hyrule warriors agitha

Not shown in the image above (because I have already unlocked Agitha) –  there should be a lone boulder sitting in the water. Select the Water Bomb, move the cursor over the boulder and then detonate to reveal a secret passage. This should open the conditions to unlock Agitha.

hyrule warriors agitha

Head back to the over world map to start the challenge. The battle takes place at Palace of Twilight. Sheik, Impa and Zant will be the primary foes in the stage. The stage is fairly forward and quite easy to beat. Basic principles of Warriors should apply here. By this I mean, your essential goal is to take enemy keeps and defeat outpost captains. Essentially, taking control of the battlefield systematically.

Once you have beaten Zant, Agitha will be unlocked and will now be playable in all modes. Of course, she may be a weak compared to your more developed character. So if you intend to use her, then perhaps spending some Rupees to automatically level her up may be a good option or simply spend a little time on the battlefield.

So that’s it! This is how to unlock Agitha in Hyrule Warriors. I hope you enjoy playing Agitha in Hyrule Warriors; summoning magical bugs is simply delightful.

Until next time folks.

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