Top 5 Super Smash Bros. Character Ballot Picks

For years, Smasher have had little say in determining the Super Smash Bros. roster. Fans incessant crying and pleading for a certain mascots (looking at Ridley) to be a playable character has fallen on death ears. It’s rather unfortunate that we have left fate to be decided by Mr. Sakurai and his team.

Now with Nintendo embracing the competitive community and DLC in recent times, fans finally have a real say in introducing a new fighter as upcoming DLC. Smashers can submit a vote for a character at the Super Smash Bros Fighter Ballot which could be considered for a spot in the roster.

With a vast array of gaming mascot it may be difficult to decide on you one and only vote. To help you, I’ve decided to share my top 5 picks.

smash bros ballot nathan drake

5. Nathan Drake

My first pick is Nathan Drake from the Uncharted series… hahaha just grinding your gears. The number 5 spot goes Banjo Kazooie, the puzzle collecting duo originating from the N64 classics. Despite an exchange of ownership to Microsoft, there is a possibility that Banjo Kazooie could make an unprecedented cameo in Smash Bros. Microsoft has gone on the record that they are open to the possibility, but it is entirely up to Nintendo. BK fits perfectly in the Smash universe aesthetically and would transition well with a number of moves inspired by the games. Realistically, BK’s chances are slim, but at least there’s a chance.

smash bros ballot bayonetta

4. Bayonetta

An adopted Nintendo mascot now, Bayonetta is a natural choice for a ballot vote. Though some may argue, similarly like Snakes appearance in Brawls,  that Bayonetta will fit out of place in the fighter roster. I’d say baloney, neither Snake or will Bayontta will fit out of place in Smash Bros… my opinion of course. Apart from the obvious advertisement for Bayonetta 2 on the Wii U, Bayonetta would be a badass in Smash Bros., with her elegence and class in the battlefield. Plus those curves! We need another reason to see those curves!

smash bros ballot wonder red

3. Wonder Red

If not Bayonetta, why not Wonder Red? From the same crazy minds that brought us the sultry witches adventures on the Wii U and the seriously underrated The Wonderful 101, Wonder Red is worthy of a spot. A man of integrity, an unwavering dedication to justice and a knack for absurd poses – Wonder Red is one of the most memorable mascots from Nintendo (if you happen to play Wonderful 101). As a character, Wonder Red has a number of Unite morphs to fill out his moveset. I’d imagine his Final Smash would be the spectacular Wonder Punch.

smash bros ballot king k rool

2. King K Rool

The leader of the Kremling army, King K Rool has been a much demanded mascot since pre-brawl days. Not been seen (in a major role) since Donkey Kong 64, I suppose fans are wanting for some love to be shown to the old-scalawag. If King K Rool is chosen as a newcomer, I would like Sakurai to draw upon Donkey Kong 64, particularly the final boss fight, to create a fighting style for the malevolent ruler.

smash bros ballot isaac

1. Isaac

Hailing from the long forgotten RPG – Golden Sun – Isaac is my first choice and the name I had on the ballot paper. There are a number of reason I have Isaac at number one. Firstly, Isaac fits perfectly within the Smash universe as a fighter, able to use a combination of sword swings and psynerygy. Secondly, I would like the exposure from Smash to shine the spotlight on Golden Sun – a seriously under-appreciated RPG following the classical game design principles. It may be wishful thinking, perhaps a strong following of Isaac in Smash may warrant a new entry in the Golden Sun series or at the very least have more people play the older games.

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  1. #ShadowSimonCloudSoraForSmashMy top 4 in order from least wanted to most wanted:
    4) Sora
    Sora(from Kingdom Hearts) would make a great fighter. He could have a keyblade(obliously) and use flowmotion for a couple specials. For his final smash he could use spirit links.
    3) Cloud
    Cloud(from Final Fantasy) would make a great fighter, and I know, some of you might disagree, I have never actually played Final Fantasy, but he appears in Kingdom Hearts: Recoded, and he seems to me like he could be a great fighter.
    2) Simon Belmont
    If you don’t know who he is, I’m not even gonna tell you. Just kidding! He’s a classic character from the Castlevania games, who has a gun and whip, and tries to kill Dracula. If you can’t figure out why he wouldn’t be a great fighter from what I just said, I’m seriously not gonna say.
    1) Shadow the Hedgehog
    Shadow the Hedgehog(from the Sonic franchise) was originally created by Dr. Ivo Robotnik’s(A.K.A. Dr. Eggman) grandfather(or father. I forget.) as the ultimate life form. Later on, the military stole him and made him their secret weapon. When Eggman stumbled across him, things happened that I’m not going to say, because they’re huge spoilers. But if he gets the chaos emeralds, he can use some chaos powers(I.e. chaos control, chaos spear). He could use those for his special moves, Super Shadow for his final smash, and yes, I know, Nintendo would probably make him a clone, but if they didn’t, and did it similar to what I just said, he could be amazing. You may also be thinking, “Why not Tails? Or Knuckles? Why Shadow?”. To answer that, Tails and Knuckles would make good fighters too, but Shadow is more recognized, and he has his own game, and if they’re going to put Sonic in Smash, why not the character that was made completely in contrast for Sonic(“…fake!” “Fake?! You’re not even good enough to be my fake!”)?

  2. My top 5 are:
    5: Hero (DragonQuest)
    4: Chrono (Chrono-Trigger)
    3: Simon Belmont (Castlevania Series)
    2: Banjo & Kazooie (Banjo-Kazooie Series, Not the nuts and bolts iteration)
    1: Isaac (Golden Sun Series) (possibly with a Costume variant allowing one to play As Felix from GS2 instead)

  3. Anthony Melendez | February 6, 2016 at 7:59 pm | Reply

    Sora feom kingdom heartswill be the best I agree please read and thinck put SORA in a comment box if you agree

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