Top 5 Pokemon Spin-off Games

Pokemon spin-off titles almost always seem to take a back seat to the mainline series. Looking at sales to gauge popularity, the mainline series eclipse the spin-off titles by a sizable margin. It’s not hard to see why. Pokemon spin-off’s have – for the most part – been terrible. No kidding. The vast majority of Poke spin-off are terrible. Make no mistake. They are just terrible! To help my fellow aspiring Pokemon master, who want to experience the vast world of Pokemon games, I have decided to make another Top 5 countdown. As you may have already guessed, this is my opinion on which are the Top 5 Pokemon Spin-offs.

In order to qualify for the list the title has to be a Pokemon game that is not considered a mainline title.

pokemon mystery dungeon

 Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Gates To Infinity

Platform: Nintendo 3DS

The dungeon series have maintained surprising popularity. Each entry consistently sells over one million copies and there is a strong fan following for the series. Dungeon crawlers are not everyone’s cup of tea and I have to be honest there not my cup of tea as well, but I do find the Dungeon games somewhat enjoyable. From a fan perspective, it’s nice to see the world of Pokemon from the eyes of the monsters. Most Pokemon Mystery Dungeons are similar in structure and gameplay, so I’d recommend the latest entry on the Nintendo 3DS – Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Gates To Infinity.

pokemon collosseum

Pokemon Collosseum

Platform: Nintendo GameCube

Pokemon Colosseum and its subsequent sequel Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness is the closest games on console that replicate the essence of the mainline series. It’s the sort of Pokemon game you would love to see regularly on Nintendo consoles, but a more┬árefined and polished experience like the mainline series. Pokemon Colosseum is a run-off the mill turn-based RPG with an average plot and even less than average gameplay. It’s solid but not outstanding by any means. The biggest letdown is the small list of Pokemon that you are able to use. The game is too guided for an RPG and a Pokemon game. Regardless, Pokemon Collosseum offers a decent experience for any Pokemon fan looking for their next hit.

Pokemon Snap

Pokemon Snap

Platform: Nintendo 64

I can vividly remember the huge buzz around Pokemon Snap during its release. Back then Pokemon was a global phenomenon with the release of the original games, Pokemon cards and the first movie. Widely considered as a quick cash crab by Nintendo, Pokemon Snap is a simplistic but fun title. It is similar to a rail shooter but without the shooting. Instead you are guided through a number of courses with the essential goal of taking the best pictures of the Pokemon that you come across.

pokemon shuffle beginners guide feature image

Pokemon Shuffle

Platform: Nintendo 3DS

Don’t let the Free-to-play status of Pokemon Shuffle fool you. And don’t be to phased about the game being a puzzler; Pokemon Shuffle is a solid and fun title that is definitely worth your time. Pokemon Shuffle is an interesting take on the connect-three puzzle games. Pokemon Shuffle is a clever mesh between the tried-and-true puzzle gameplay with a number of Pokemon elements (including the level system, type effectiveness and abilities). There are over 100 levels to complete and with an equal amount of Pokemon to capture.

pokemon conquest

Pokemon Conquest

Platform: Nintendo DS

Pokemon Conquest is by far the best Pokemon spin-off game. It’s a game for the most stern gamer, with a strong core design that still encapsulates the heart of Pokemon. Probably unbeknownst to most, Pokemon Conquest is a crossover title between Pocket Monster and the niche Japanese series Nobunaga’s Ambition. In this case, Pokemon benefits from the solid gameplay of the Nobunaga Ambition series. At its core, Pokemon Conquest is a tactical RPG in the same vein as the retro titles like Final Fantasy Tactics and Tactic Ogres. To Nintendo fans, it’s fairly similar to Fire Emblem, just replace the typical units with your beloved Pokemon plus the additional baggage like type advantages and abilites. I highly recommend Pokemon Conquest.

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  1. pokemon colosseum is for gamecube, not nintendo 64. Just figured id let ya know.

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