Top 5 Best Hyrule Warriors Characters

Hyrule Warriors features over a dozen of playable characters to use in the game. Ranging from heroes, villains and absurdly enough, badass bosses. The warriors series is known for it’s simplistic and monotonous gameplay, but to the developers credit the combat remains surprisingly fresh largely thanks to a distinct cast of characters and extensive range of weapons classes.

If you are looking to use the best character in order to complete a difficult mission in challenge or in general want to be an all conquering warlord in battle, then look no further than this article. I’ve killed dozens of hours in Hyrule Warriors and I now have a pretty good understanding of the game, particularly on the strength and weakness of each character.

I would to share with you my picks for the top 5 best characters in Hyrule Warriors. These are the characters, I would go to if I want a job done. For the sake of fairness, I will not be including the boss characters as they are overkill in Hyrule Warriors.

So here are the top 5 best characters in Hyrule Warriors.

hyrule warriors darunia

5. Darunia

A lugging tank that is not afraid to lets his presence to be known in the battle – the king of the Goron’s, Darunia, enters the top 5 spot in my list. Wielding a heavy war hammer, Darunia smashes the skulls of the enemies with one swell swoop. My favorite part playing as Darunia is using his awesome special. Summoning a comet to obliterate foes to oblivion.

hyrule warriors fi (2)

4. FI

I know many Zelda fans can’t stand Fi. Her incessant hand holding of Link in Skyward Sword has left her on the bad side of fandom appreciation. I, myself, have never understood the displeasure for Fi; in my books she is alright. In Hyrule Warriors, she is actually a very good warrior. Fi graces the battle with elegance and style. Pirouetting around, kicking and slicing in a sophisticated combat style. The only downside is that Fi’s specials are among the worst the game hasto offer.

hyrule warriors lana

3. Lana

My favorite character in Hyrule Warriors, Lana debut appearance earn her the number 3 spot in my list. I don’t particularly like using her when equipped with the spear weapon class. I believe she is a much better warrior as a sorceress with book in hand.  In melee combat, Lana is not as adept like her fellow comrade, but her special spells deal massive damage and has impressive attack range, easily dealing hoardes of enemies at once.

hyrule warriors ganondorf

2. Ganondorf

It is very rare for a game to allow you to play as a villain. However, in Hyrule Warriors you can play as all the main villains. You quite literally battle the good guys and in some cases you actually win. The leading antagonist, Ganon is the most powerful of the bunch and only second to Link in terms of strongest. Wielding dual demon blades, Ganon epitomized brutality and cruelty in the battlefield. He slashes with slashes with ferocity and disregard, not to mention his specials pack a mighty punch.

hyrule warriors link (1)

1. Link

There was never any doubt that Link would be the number one character in Hyrule Warriors. After all, he is the protagonist and the hero of the adventure. Link is most rounded character with excellent attack speed, incredible power, has a vast array of weapons available and excellent special attacks. I believe most newbies will instantly gravitate towards Link because he has access to the easily obtainable Master Sword and Pixel Master Sword so early in the game. Once Link has the Master Sword in hand, this fairy boy will cut through enemies like a hot knife through butter.

What do you think of my list? Do you agree or disagree? What are you top 5 Hyrule Warriors characters?


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  1. I don’t agree with this because there is no Sheik and or Zelda

  2. Nah.

  3. how about Twili Midna????? she’s damn soooooooo gooooooood

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