Top 10 Zelda Weapons Of All Time

The Legend of Zelda is known for its vast number of unique and devastating weapons available at Links arsenal. With each new entry into the series, you can expect one or two new weapons introduced alongside the tried-and-true.  From disposing of enemies, solving puzzles or reaching the darkest corner of the dungeons, suffice to say that weapons are the backbone to the Zelda experience. In today’s Top countdown, I would like to share my opinion on the Top 10 Zelda Weapons.

So without further ado, here is my Top 10 Zelda weapons of all time.

10. Gust Bellows

The Gust Bellows has become one of my favorite weapons in the Zelda partly because it is used heavily in arguably the best Zelda Dungeon of all time, the Lanaryu Mines. The Gust Bellows only really had one functionality and that was blowing a gust of wind, which for the most part was sand. But it’s extensive use in the Lanaryu Minds and the intuitiveness of the Wii Motion plus controls has instilled the Gusts Bellows as one of my favorite weapons. I sincerely hope the Gust Bellows returns in future iterations.

gust bellows zelda

9. Deku Leaf

My favorite weapon from my second favorite Zelda game of all time, the mystical leaf makes the top 10. What I loved most about the Deku Leaf was that it was the item that effectively used the wind mechanic in the Wind Waker. I’d imagine that many players perched themselves on top of the highest peak of Outset Island and then with confidence jumped the cliff allowing the wind to carry Link into the blue ocean.

deku leaf

8. Spinner

A weapon with unreached potential, the Spinner barely makes the Top 10. One of the best weapons from Twilight Princess, it’s rather unfortunate that the Spinner has not returned in any game since. The Spinner is unlike any other weapon. I’d like to describe it as a ride-able Beyblade that bounces off walls and slices-n-dices anything it hits. My most fondest memory of the Spinner is the epic battle between the boss, Stallord. Bouncing off walls to hit the flying skull was pure joy. I want the Spinner to return in future Zelda games.

zelda spinner

7. Fire Rod

An old-school weapon that has recently gone vogue, the Fire Rod makes the top 10. A magical weapon that shoots balls of fire. It’s not the most original weapon or the best looking, but it is a quite useful tool in Links arsenal.  A powerful weapon that incinerates any foolish enemy to come your way, plus it is a reliable weapon to light up those torches that are riddle across most dungeons. The Fire Rod is making a comeback, making an appearance in A Link Between Worlds and the spin-off, Hyrule Warriors.

fire rod zelda

6. Beetle

Perhaps the best original item introduced to Zelda in recent times, the Beetle makes the list at number 6. Control by the Wii remote, you can guide the flying beetle around hitting switches and collecting items. The Beetle gets progressively better with a number of upgrades that make it stronger and faster. I particularly like carrying a bomb and dropping it on top of enemies. Controlling the Beetle is similar to using a real remote control plane. It’s simple fun.

zelda beetle

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