Top 10 Super Smash Bros. For Wii U/3DS Characters

Finding the right fighter in Super Smash Bros. 4 can be a dauting task. With a playing roster of 49 fighters, it’s not hard to see why. At the time of writing, a solid tier lists have yet to be determined for the competitive metagame, but Smasher’s alike do have a general idea on what fighters are good and who are not so good. If you are looking for a place to start experimenting with various fighters, then look no further. Here are my picks of the ten best characters in Super Smash Bros. For Wii U/3DS. My opinion, of course.

  • Diddy Kong

Diddy Kong is making headlines with the competitive Smash community at the moment with claims that the banana throwing chimp is terribly overpowered. I don’t exactly agree with such claim as it is too early in the metagame for it to be absolutely true. But we do know is a fantastic fighter in Smash 4. Fast, nimble, fantastic approach options and a devastating Down-throw to Up-Air/Back-Air setup. The only flaw with Diddy Kong is his vulnerable vertical recovery options.

  • Sheik

After a poor showing in Brawl, Sheik returns with a vengeance in Smash 4. No longer held back by the Zelda transformation, Sheik is able to fulfill her lost potential since Melee. Fast, Agile, light and combo heavy – Sheik has no trouble racking up damage. In my opinion, she is almost perfection on a joystick, only hindered by a lack of KO’ing prowess. Regardless, knowing your match-ups and how to KO’ certain characters is vital in clutch games.

  • Robin

Robin alongside Link, has the best projectile game in Smash Bros. Wii U. Admittedly, Robin is the sort of character that require precise management because of the expire date of the tome and Levin Sword, but when used correctly the blank hero from Fire Emblem: Awakening can be devastating. Robin’s Thunder can be charged to various degrees to fire off 4 different electric type moves: Thunder, Elthunder, Arcthunder and Thoron. Arcfire is impressive for both offensive and defensive pressure. Robin’s most lethal weapon is the Levin Sword, which grants Robin more hit-stun and ommph in melee attacks.

  • Pit/Dark Pit

I may be a little bias in this selection as Pit/Dark Pit is one of my mains alongside Sheik, but I do think Pit is a strong character. Why else would I use him? In my opinion, Pit is a well balanced character with good/decent attributes and special moves all-round. But if I had to fault Pit, is that he doesn’t excel in one area, kinda like in the saying jack of all trades master of none. With that said, Pit has a pretty good grab game and his multi-hit aerials are excellent follow-up moves.

  • Luigi

Once a low-life in past games, Luigi has finally been given the opportunity to shine in Super Smash Bros. 4. Admittedly, I haven’t quite got use to the changes made to to the cowardly twin, but what I have seen and experienced, Luigi is setting himself up to be a very good fighter indeed. What I love about the the new Luigi is that he is able to combo and kill quite easy, especially compared to some of the best fighters in the game. LoF False Luigi is the best I’ve seen, and I hoping that I can reach that level sometime soon.

  • Captain Falcon

Like Sheik, Captain Falcon is a much better character in Smash 4 than in Brawl. Although he is still not the same beast as he was in Melee. Regardless, he is a much improve fighter this around. Captain Falcon best is his biggest asset; able to approach the opponent much easier than his slower cast members. Captain Falcon’s game compromises mostly of jabs, Dash-grabs, Up-Airs then Back-Airs or a well executed Raptor Boost for the kill. Simple but very effective.

  • Zero Suit Samus

The changes to Zero Suit Samus fixes almost all her flaws from Brawl. Her poor recovery options and her inability to clutch the K.O are no longer present in Smash Wii U all thanks to a much improved Up-special. ZSS is fast and agile, excellent specialĀ and able to perform an impressive Up-Air to Up-Special combo, which in high percentage can KO. Despite a few flaws, like a highly punishable miss grab, ZSS is beyond doubt one of the best fighters in the game.

  • Ness

In the same boat as Luigi, Ness is given new life in Super Smash Bros. 4 largely thanks to a number of positive tweaks. Ness is able to rack up quick damage largely thanks to a much improved Forward-air which can be chained to itself. PK Thunder has been sped up making it a relatively safe edge guarding tool. And let’s not forget that Back-Throw is a reliable killing move at high percentage. Overall, Ness is a fantastic character and not hard to pick up for a beginner.

  • Lucario

You never truly feel you are in the lead when against a good Lucario player. Lucario’s special Aura attribute allows him to extend a lead or make comeback in a flash. In layman’s term, Lucario is able to do more damage when he has in the verge of death. Thankfully, Lucario is somewhat balanced, as he doesn’t excel in many other areas. His aerials are ok, his ground game decent and Special Moves are nothing to write home about. But remember, a Lucario living on the edge can be a deadly prospect.

  • Sonic

Sonic is a much, much better character this time around. Admittedly, my knowledgeable of Sonic, even at the basic level, is quite limited. With that said, I do know what makes Sonic so good (. With unmatched speed and various spin attacks, Sonic is able to rush relatively safely to deal damage. Sonic epitomizes the attritional play-style and what makes situations difficult is that it is so damn hard to catch him. It may be bad for non-Sonic players, but good news for Sonic players. Right?

What are your thoughts on my picks? Who are your top 10 Super Smash Bros Characters? Let me know by leaving a comment below!

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  1. ola k ase

  2. My top ten are:
    1: Sonic, for his speed
    2: Captain Falcon, for his speed and power
    3: Greninja, for his speed and coolness
    4: Roy, for his power and speed
    5: Cloud, for his power and coolness
    6: Ness, for his PK attacks, which are kind of cool
    7: Ganondorf, for his EXTREMELY powerful Warlock Punch
    8: Shulk, for his Monado Arts, which make him speedy and powerful
    9: Ike, for his power
    10: Corrin, for his Dragon attacks.

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