Top 10 Super Smash Bros Fighter Of All Time

Super Smash Bros has become one of Nintendo’s biggest franchise. From its humble beginning back in the dying years of the 90’s, the series has grown exponentially both in the number of fighters and in popularity. Today, the franchise quite literally prints money for Nintendo. The formula of success behind Super Smash Bros. is quite ingenious. It is a game with dozens of gaming’s most iconic characters, with a gameplay formula that is simple and complex at the same time.

With 4 entries in the series (counting the Wii U and 3DS together), I thought now may be a sensible time to have a discussion on who are the best fighters in Super Smash Bros of all time. So without further ado, here is my opinion on who are the top 10 Smash Bros. fighters of all time.

10. Pikachu

One of the original 12, Pikachu has been a consistent campaigner throughout the years. The electric mouse was undoubtedly the best character in Smash 64 and has remained a very good fighter in the subsequent installments. Pikachu – being quick and agile – are traits that are often deemed necessary in order to be successful in Super Smash Bros. Despite a few shortcomings in the killing power department, Pikachu has shown enough to remain in the upper echelon of Smash fighters.

9.  Peach

I suspect that some may disagree with Peach’s inclusion, but I feel that the supreme ruler of the mushroom kingdom has done enough to warrant a spot in my list. In Melee, Peach is a devastating character able to hold her own amongst higher placed fighters with her sublime aerial’s and pressure game from her trademark turnips. Unfortunately, she did fall of the radar in Brawl, hope has not been lost with a stronger appearance in Smash 4. Admittedly, it’s far too early to say, but I predict Peach will be in the upper tier of Smash 4.

8. Ice Climbers

Ice Climbers have built themselves have a notorious reputation for their infinite chain grab technique, wobbling. One grab from the climbing twins spell disaster for the opponent, with chain combo’s can go from 0% to death in an instance. Despite the destructive nature of the Ice Climbers, they are not without fault. The most obvious being that Sopo (solo Popo) becomes significant weaker entity. Unfortunately, Ice Climbers have been omitted from Smash 4, but at least we can remember the salt caused by a successful wobble.

7.  Meta Knight

The King of Brawl, Meta Knight deservedly earns a spot in the hall of fame. His largely unchallenged dominance in the Brawl has earned Meta Knight ire among the Smash community, but Irrespective of your position, credit is due when credit is deserved.Meta Knight rightfully deserves a spot in the greatest Smash fighters of all time. And besides haters can find constellation that Meta Knight is quite poor in Smash 4.

6. Captain Falcon

Captain Falcon is a joy to watch and play as. At his best, Captain Falcon is destructive and can blow away opponents in a blink of an eye. At his worse, the Captain can self destruct in an undignified manner. This is the reality of a man who lives on the edge. Discounting Brawl, Captain Falcon has consistently remained among the fray in competitive play. When against a Captain Falcon, always watch out for that knee! Ouch!

5. Diddy Kong

In his relative short Smash career, Diddy Kong has risen to the ranks to be one of the most feared characters in modern play. In Brawl, Diddy thrived by pressuring opponents with an onslaught of slippery banana’s. Meanwhile in Smash 4 – Diddy has fans shivering in anxiety with fears that the delightful chimp is destined to become the next Meta Knight. With the best approach options in the game and an Up-Air that has insane killing power – Diddy Kong at the moment is at the top of Smash 4.

4. Sheik

Sheik is an automatic selection for a spot on the all time list. Despite a poor showing in Brawl, Sheik returns with a vengeance in Smash 4, easily placing in the top 5 in the new title. Plus you must consider her strong presence in the Melee metagame. Sheik is a simple character that relies in speed, agility and combo’s to wreak havoc. Despite lacking in killing power (in Brawl and Smash 4), Sheik is a fighter that can often be relied upon.

3. Falco

Falco’s has proven his pedigree with strong performance in Melee and Brawl.  Known for his laser game and heavy combo game – which has unfortunately been nerfed in Smash 4 – Falco is a monster in the hands of a monster. Aforementioned, Falco is a shell of his former self in Smash 4, but that doesn’t necessarily diminish its past glory and achievements.

2. Marth

Marth is Mr. Consistent in Smash. In Melee, Brawl and Smash 4 (not so much), Marth is often as regarded as a very good fighter. Able to effectively create a wall and space with his deadly Falchion, many fighters find it extremely difficult to get in let alone deal damage. What makes Marth particularly deadly, is the additional damage and knock back when you connect with the tip of the sword. Smash just wouldn’t be Smash without Marth.

1. Fox

Fox takes top spot in my list of all time fighters. Appearing in the original Smash Bros. and making appearance in subsequent iterations, Fox is a regular face in the playing roster. But Fox is more than just a regular contestant, he is a champion in Nintendo’s brawler. Ranked at the top in Melee, 3rd in Smash 64 and a strong contender in Smash 4, Fox has deservedly earned top spot.

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  1. What about link? Deals heavy damage with simple attacks- do I even have to mention in brawl when you use the A down attack? Cmon man


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