Top 10 Super Mario Power-Ups

Super Mario is arguably the greatest and most recognizable video game franchise of all time. I believe that no other series matches the legacy and cultural impact of Super Mario. It is quite simple the undisputed greatest of all time. One facet that makes Super Mario so sublime and memorable are the power ups. Nintendo is cruel to its beloved plumber, making him undertake so many trial and tribulations to save the Princess. Perhaps a show of tough love, Nintendo has given Mario dozens of power-ups to help him during his journey.

Today, I would like to share my opinion on what are the top 10 Super Mario Power-ups of all time. Keep in mind this is my OPINION and my opinion only. You are entitled to disagree and criticize, but only in a respectful manner.

And don’t forget to share your top 10 Super Mario Power-ups.

10. Bee Mushroom

Bee Mario is one of my favorite Mario transformations of all time and it is only logical that the power-up – the Bee Mushroom – make my top 10 Super Mario power-ups. The Bee Mushroom made its debut in the 2007 Wii classic, Super Mario Galaxy and it is in this title that the Bee Mushroom made its impact. Using Bee Mario is one of my fondest memories of Super Mario Galaxy. Climbing a treacherous honeycomb wall hanging onto dear life was something truly remarkable. Or how about latching onto the backside of the Queen Bee, tickling her bellyside. Sure, one can make a claim that the Bee Mushroom is not a recurring power-up, but I would put forth the argument of impact and memorability.

bee mario

 9. Lucky Bell

Another recently introduced power-up, the Lucky Bell makes my list of Top 10 Super Mario Power-ups. The Lucky bell is a delightful mixture of cute and novelty. The lucky bell made its debut in the 2013 title, Super Mario 3D World for the Nintendo Wii U. The Lucky Bell gives Mario all his cat abilities plus the Golden Statue transformation. What I love about the Lucky Bell is that it give Mario incredible versatility with the speed and agility of being Cat, and the awesomeness of turning into a gold statue.

gold statue mario

 8. Double Cherry

The second power-up from Super Mario 3D World. I know many long-time Mario fans will disagree with many of my choices, but I would like critics to at least understand the logic behind my choices. The Double Cherry makes my list of all time greatest for the simple reasoning as it is one of the most unique power-ups that the series has to offer. In fact, there is nothing that comes close to the Double Cherry. Consuming a Double Cherry quite literally clones Mario. Best of all, you are not limited to one clone, but up to 5. Controlling and managing your funky doppelgangers can be tricky and it becomes exceptionally fun when the obstacle are devilish challenging.

super mario 3d world double cherry

 7. Super Star

A regular power-up in the series, this list is not complete without the inclusion of the Super Star. The Super Star is one of the most powerful power-up that the series  has to offer. Grabbing a Super Star grants the user invincibility for a short period of time. It’s a simple Power-up that it has been used excellently in the Super Mario series. The Super Star has become a main stay in other series like Mario Kart and Super Smash Bros.

star power up

 6. Metal Cap

Coming at number at 6 is the sublime Metal Cap, which made its debut in Super Mario 64. I’d liken the Metal Cap as a liquidnator equivalent of Mario (without the liquid qualities) in appearance. The Metal Cap gives Mario a plethora of unique qualities. Metal Mario is heavy, invulnerable, immune to toxic fog, sinks in water and cannot drown. It’s rather unfortunate that the Metal Cap hasn’t been a regular in the series. Hopefully, in future series we get to see the Metal Cap on show again. Hopefully!

metal mario

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