Top 10 Strongest Legendary Pokemon

Legendary Pokemon are typically the cream of the crop in terms of strongest Pokemon. Their status as Legendary goes beyond antiquity and mystique, most of the time it is an indication of power and strength. Have you ever wondered – who – among all these god-like pocket monster is the strongest? It’s difficult deciding the strongest particularly when the competition is exceedingly good. I’d liken it to picking the most beautiful ladies in a pageant full of models.

While you think about your  list, I’d like to share my opinion on who are the top 10 strongest legendary Pokemon.

10. Kyurem-White

Kyurem-White would have placed higher in the list was it not for a few flaws. Nevertheless, the White version of Kyurem hits hard with a massive base 170 Special Attack and a plethora of powerful attacks that takes full advantage of this trait. Unfortunately, Kyurem’s type combination isn’t the best, making it susceptible to the more offensive typing’s in particular dragons, fighting, rock and ground. If you can look pass this flaw, Kyurem-White can easily be appreciated as one of the strongest legendary Pokemon.

9. Dialga

Dialga has been blessed with an amazing type combination, Dragon and Steel, which from my recollection is unique to it. This type combination grants Dialga great offensive and defensive capabilities. It’s dragon moves allow it to hit most types hard, meanwhile the steel type only gives Dialga two weakness: Fighting and Ground. Beyond the type combination, Dialga sports impressive all-round stats, with the best being a sublime base 150 Special Attack.

8.  Xerneas

Xerneas is a hard counter to the many Legendary dragons that run wild in this exclusive club. Being fairy type, Xerneas is immune to all dragon type moves, and being fairy type it can deal super effective damage back. Xerneas has fantastic offensive stats across both spectrum and its ability Fairy Aura makes this stag even more potent.

7. Deoxys

Deoxys is perhaps one of the most versatile Legendary, able to assume any role depending on the form it takes. With forms that excel in Speed, Defense and attack, you can clearly see why Deoxys is considered one of the strongest legedary’s. The only real downside to Deoxy’s is when it goes on the offensive it is essentially a Glass cannon, it deals mass damage but shatters into pieces by a throw of a pebble.

6. Groudon

The introduction of Primal Reversion has been a blessing for Groudon. When transformed into its primal form, Groudon is a whole different beast. With a colossal Attack Stat and typing perfect for destroying other unfortunate Pokemon, Primal Groudon deservedly earns a spot in the top 10. What’s most impressive is that its ability Desolate Land nullifies its glaring weakness to water moves. Impressive indeed!

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  1. I’m extremely sorry to tell you but he is NOT the number one if you need to use your dragon dance in mega evolution form while you are doing so I will take my articuno and use mind reader followed by sheer cold instantly taking the win. This combo with my amazing stats could arguably make the ice bird the most deadly foe ever

  2. arceus is first then mewtwo then lugia then ho oh

  3. I agree with the majority of your list, however the bottom 3 made me laugh at the cleshay. Mewtwo can EASILY beat Arceus and rayquaza, and with perfect stats can sweep teams like he does it daily, witch he does. And to the person who thinks articuno is better, last I recall, articuno hasn’t good defense nor speed, so a lot of things could one shot it, and even if it isn’t one shot, then your strategy would still be to slow then you’d get knocked out next hit

  4. i really do agree with ur list

  5. I’m agree with the strongest is rayquaza, but I dont agree with the fourth and fifth, in my game, kyogre was stronger than darkrai.

  6. WTF Guys Arceus should be first cuz hes the god pretty much hes the one who made life!

  7. I like all of the Pokemon on your list-except for Darkrai. He can easily be taken out by Xerneas or any of the Ion legendaries (that is, Cobalion, Terrakion, and Virizion). Also, you’re forgetting that Raquaza has one glaring wreakness, regardless of its form: Ice-type moves. Moves like Ice Beam would KO it instantly.

    • Doesn’t mega rayquaza have delta stream which could lower ice rock and electric by half. This means it is only x2 effective and even then a single attack won’t Ohko as Ray has high speed and a priority attack which could Ohko a lot of Pokemon

  8. Most powerful is rayquaza as its delta stream causes ice type attack to just be x2 damage. Its attack and sp attack can easily ko any pokemons.

    Mewtwo is right at two as its Psychic attacks gives a big wallop to its foes and his aura sphere gives it a advantage over dark and steel.

    Arceus should be third as his ability multitype gives him a chance to change its type giving it a type advantage in battle.

    Dialga should be fourth as his type combination helps him against fairy type. Roar of time can be a great headache for pokemon facing dialga.

    Reshirem should be at fifth as it is a dragon and fire giving it a advantage over ice and fairy. Its move fusion flare and blue flare serve as powerful fire type moves to burn its foe.

    Kyogre primal and groudon primal should be at sixth. They are the only legendary pokemon which are not dragons. Kyogre is powerful not just because it is legendary but also because it is pure water type. Groudon is invincible by his ability abovementioned. It can only be defeated with mold breaker or turbo blaze or teravolt abilities.

    Palkia should be seventh as it takes ice as normal damage and dragon type makes electric and grass deal normal damage to it. Spacial rend can devour a pokemon with its high critical hit ratio. Also Zekrom is at seventh as its ability can prove an advantage to it. Fusion bolt and bolt strike will shock its foes.

    Darkrai is eight in this list as he is faster than much legendry pokemon and its dark void is the only status attack that can make all the pokemon sleep in triple battles. Ability bad dreams and move dream eater can devour any sleeping pokemon. Teach it fireblast to cover its weakness to fairy type. Fighting type can be defeated with dream eater.

    Ho oh is ninth. It could have been in top five if it were not weak against rock type moves. Stone edge can be taught to most pokemons and its high critical hit ratio can prove destructive. Apart its offence makes it one.of the best pokemon to have in your team.

    Last is kyurem white/black. Reason is just right what you said.

    Lugia could have been included but its type combo makes it vulnerable to most attacks.

  9. wtf….. this is not true

  10. This list is fairly accurate, except Rayquaza is powerful indeed but the swords dance/dragon dance sweeps almost any other legendary. except Mega diancie who can outspeed before mega rayquaza gets a stat boost and STAB moonblast it and ohko it with no effort. Diancie should’ve made this list.

  11. pikachu is no. 1 pokemon
    because he struggle so much
    his power is impressive

  12. Haha,guys it depends on the level,what if raquaza was only lv 50 and meowth is at lv 100?then whos stronger?

    • Mega Rayquaza, still, meowth isn’t powerful enough to one shot it, even at level 100. And Rayquaza can use dragon dance then dragon ascent

  13. genesct is OP

  14. **Arceus** is considered as the strongest pokemon beacuse it has the highest base count of 720 **(see the complete list of strongest pokemon here: ****** (**)**. It is also considered as the “god of pokemon”. Though it is known not to evolve to any other pokemon, it can change its type when it is holding a plate.
    It is a normal-type mythical pokemon and is believed to create both Sinnoh and Ransei. It was even said that it created the entire Pokemon universe with the lake guardians and the creation trio called “the original one”, Arceus is the trio master of the creation trio and the lake guardians.

  15. Where’s lugia?

  16. fdghsjks


  18. Darkrai should not be in that position as it was beaten by ash’s Septile

  19. Arceus is the strongest pokemon.Rayquaza is second.Then Kyogre.4th is Groudon.5th is Dialga.6th is Palkia.7th is Giratina.Lugia is in the 9th place and Mew.Thats it even higher level.

  20. lugias attack is 200 and mega latios belongs on number one

  21. Abnjb hd tvgg | May 9, 2016 at 11:39 am | Reply

    Where is Mew?

  22. dark mew would crush everything in one hit because it can do 1000 in 1 hit

  23. I think Rayqueza is not deserving to be the number rayqueza was defeated by deoxys right
    and Rayqueza got captured by a trainer.So I wonder why you didnt rank legendary pokemon who was not deafeted and captured.

  24. that didnt happen

  25. judging by your list of pokemon and rearanging through move/ability down sides and typing rayquaza even though if you didnt pay attention to orasis a dragon god/lord, but would not be the most powerful wich im like a few are dissapointed with.

  26. ferty lamoyan | July 21, 2016 at 7:31 am | Reply

    darkrai is the beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeest of all legendary pokemon and one strogest

  27. darkrai is the beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeest of all strongest legendary pokemon!!!!!!!!!!

  28. You are a nonsence.
    Do you have any idea about pokemon.
    I give you a better list which does not contain any mega evolution.
    3.keureum(which can transform into black and white kyureum)

    Hence,it does not contain sixth generation.

    Think about the given list

  29. rayquaza is the strongest
    then mew


  30. rayquaza


  31. rayquaza


  32. rayquaza is the best pokemon
    in the world

  33. i think ARCEUS is the BEST!!!!!!!

  34. i think ARCEUS is BEST!!!!!!!!

  35. Arceus is the stronger he is thecreator of all pokemon and legendaries

    I refer to the list here ►

  37. SuperQueenDiance | October 15, 2016 at 5:46 am | Reply

    This is A LIE LOL.

    Arceus is the Strongest.

  38. Nonsense !arceus is the best Pokemon ever. Rayquaza was captured by a trainer.

  39. Nonsense! You don’t know anything about Pokemon

  40. Ok,here’s my opinion

    2.Hoopa Unbound
    4.Primal Groudon
    5.Primal Kyogre
    6.Mega Mewtwo Y
    11.Yveltal (At its best)
    15.Kyurem (Black)

  41. raquaqqa is the best

  42. I one shot a rayquaza with my yveltal using dark pulse. The only reason that rayquaza survived was its focus sash. Deal with it.

  43. Also, a lot of you have obviously never played competitive battles. I can tell by the comments. Just bc arceus created all Pokémon does not make it more powerful than everything. Arceus is good, no doubt, but its not the best.

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