Top 10 Strongest Dragon Pokemon Of All Time

The Best and Strongest Dragon Pokemon

Welcome to another edition of Nintendo News Fix’s Top Countdown. This iteration of Top Countdowns we look at the strongest Dragon Pokemon of all time. To gain a level fairness and avoid a boring list populated with legendary Pokemon – we will not be including Legendary’s. However, we will be including Mega Evolved Pokemon.

So without further ado, here is my OPINION on what are the top 10 strongest Pokemon of all time.

(N.B Looking at a competitive perspective)

10. Mega Sceptile

Mega Sceptile is a very good Pokemon that has yet to prove its potential… in my opinion. It has fantastic Speed and Special attack, which naturally suggest Special sweeper. But I am skeptical whether it has the necessary tools to succeed among the strongest. Regardless, I can still appreciate the power and power that Mega Sceptile exudes.

9. Flygon

Flygon is a tragic case of being outclassed by Garchomp. Garchomp is superior in almost every aspect, leaving the bug eyed Dragon in its dust. Regardless, Flygon is still a good Pokemon in its own right. Flygon really shines as a scout. Levitate allows it to switch in without being affected by Spikes and Toxic Spikes, meanwhile its ground typing means that Stealth Rocks does little to it. With a Choice Scarf, Flygon is an effective revenge killer or can scout opponents switching habits with U-turn.

8. Kingdra

Kingdra lost much of its prestigious with the dawn of Black and White, and then with the consequent Generation. Regardless of this, Kingdra is still powerful Dragon Pokemon. What sets Kingdra apart from other dragon types is its fantastic Water and Dragon typing, which only has two weakness’s (Dragon and Fairy) and all-round decent bulk. Furthermore, Kingdra’s ability Swift Swim can be devastating during the later stages of the match and can abuse opponents Drizzle Politoed. A very solid Dragon Pokemon indeed.

7. Haxorus

Back when it was introduced, I was certain that Haxorus was going to dominate the metagame. Unfortunately, it wasn’t to be, as it is simply outclassed by Salamence and Dragonite. That doesn’t necessarily mean Haxorus is a bad Dragon Pokemon. With a massive Attack stat and decent speed, Haxorus still has the right tools to perform well for your team. Just give it a Choice Band or make it Dragon Dance a few times, then your good to go.

6. Goodra

I’ve used Goodra extensively in the XY metagame and has performed wonderfully for my team. I simply slap a Choice Spec, put max Special Attack, invest a few EV’s in Speed and a couple in HP, and watch Goodra beast. In my hyper offensive team, Goodra performs as a defensive and offensive pivot; able to sponge special moves and hit hard with the power boost from Choice Spec. In my opinion, Goodra is a seriously underrated Pokemon.

5. Hydreigon

Hyrdreigon sports one of the most powerful Draco Meteor in normal play. In my opinion, the only way to play Hydreigon is either with a Choice Scarf or Choice Specs. Just spam that Draco Meteor and hope that Fairy Pokemon doesn’t switch in. Back in Black and White days, Hydreigon was a powerful mix attacker that can create holes in the opponents team, but its effectiveness has been reduced thanks to the inclusion of fairies.

4. Mega Charizard X

One of my all time favorite Mega Evolved Pokemon of all time – Mega Charizard X has to be on the list. Those who have been following me on this site would know that I like versatile Pokemon. Pokemon that can built to serve a number of roles and not just a one trick pony. For this reason, Mega Charizard X lands in the top 5 positions. With great Special Attack and Attack, M-Charizard X can swing either way. Not to mention, it has access to sublime Dragon Dance. I just love Mega Charizard X.

3. Garchomp

Garchomp was a scary proposition back in the Diamond/Pearl days. So much so, at one point Garchomp was banned and delegated to Uber tier for some time. It’s not hard to see why back when Sandstream was not limited to 5 turns, as Sword Dance coupled Sandveil caused many players problem. Garchomp’s potency has not been blunted with the changes to the whether mechanics, this is still a very powerful Dragon Pokemon. A powerful revenge killer, an impressive mix attacker with a Mega Evolution or simple devastate with a Choice Band

2. Dragonite

Coming in second is Dragonite. The original and perhaps the most well known of all Dragon Pokemon, this list would have no credibility if Dragonite was not included. Featuring all round stats, an amazing hidden ability and a fantastic pool of moves – you can’t go wrong picking Dragonite for your team. I mean you go for a Dragon Dance set, Bulky Tank with Multiscale, Choice Band or Mix Attacker.

1. Salamence

Admittedly, I was torn between Salamence and Dragonie. Both are the epitome of powerful dragon Pokemon and can somewhat hold their own against legendary’s. The trouble is Salamence and Dragonite function similarly.If I had to put the edge to one Pokemon that would be Salamence for the simple fact that has access to a Mega Evolution. Salamence can be built to serve a number of roles from Dragon Dance Sweeper, Mix Attacker, Tank and Special Attacker. Salamence’s versatility makes it difficult to counter and hard to predict. When facing against a Salamence you are essentially playing roulette with your Pokemon’s lives.

What do you think of my list? Do you agree? Or do you disagree? What would your top 10 Dragon Pokemon be? Let me know by leaving a comment below!

23 Comments on "Top 10 Strongest Dragon Pokemon Of All Time"

  1. Latios should be on there, mega or not!

  2. pokemon is waste…

  3. prathamesh bhide | March 8, 2015 at 7:29 am | Reply

    the number one dragon type should be arceus in legendaries and garchomp 1st in normal. it can win from dragonite and salamence. and by the way i liked ur list it was nice.

  4. Why have they not given Dragonite a mega evolution yet?

  5. I think dialga should be number one!!!

  6. Where the fuck is mega rayquaza?!!

  7. Hey man mega charizard x is the best !

  8. I bet For Goodra!!!That’s my Opinion!

  9. Dragon master alain | March 13, 2016 at 9:57 pm | Reply

    Mega garchomp im with u in that place but salamemce no way if it was just in unova it would have to be black kyuryem

  10. Dragon master alain | March 13, 2016 at 9:59 pm | Reply

    I’m with u in garchomps place but salamemce no way if it was in unova has to be black kyeuryem

  11. I think that garchomp should take 1 as its ridiculously powerful. Ebing a ground type it’s immune to electric type moves which are a problem for most people. Also garchomp can learn iron head, which is super effective against dragon types number 1 enemy, fairy types.

  12. I agree with your list, I’m just split on the Top 3, If Garchomp was at one point banned than why #3? Maybe it’s a bias question since he is one of my favorites my favorite of all time though is Metagross

  13. Oh and yes he can learn Iron Head which is a problem for all Fairy types, excluding Mawile, not to mention most Fairy types are Physical Defensively weak meaning Iron Head is a 1 hit KO, which I have done more than a handful of times, my moveset on Garchomp being Mega Evolved is Iron Head, Earthquake, Dragon Claw, and Sanstorm, Sanstorm makes both my Iron Head and Earthquake 30% stronger when Garchomp is Mega evolved

  14. Rayquaza!!!


  16. Why isnt Giratina or Rayquaza there?

  17. SALAMENCE RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. rayquaza

  19. Mega sceptile isn’t dragon type

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