Top 10 Starter Pokemon Of All Time

Starter Pokemon have always been an integral part of the mainline Pokemon series. Picking your first buddy from a selection of three Pokemon is a proud tradition that has been maintained throughout the many years. The starter Pokemon has always varied between quality. Some great and other not so great. Today, I would like to take you through my opinion on what are the top 10 starter Pokemon of all time.

I’ve based my list on the Pokemon’s strength (Stats, Ability and Usage in competitive play) and a general gauge of popularity. Furthermore, the Pokemon are judged on their final form.

So without further ado, here is my opinion on what are the top 10 starter Pokemon of all time.

10. Chestnaught


Being relatively new to the Pokemon family, Chestnaught will likely fall into the less popular or unknown category. Regardless of reputation or lack of, Chestnaught can perform an unique role for any team and therefore can be considered to be a very good Pokemon. Chestnaught shines when used as a tank with the following moves: Spikes, Leech Seed, Spiky Shield and Drain Punch. With these moves paired with good defensive stats, Chestnaught can be very difficult (not to mention annoying) to take out.

9. Empoleon


Empoleon is a rather unfortunate Pokemon. In looks, appearance and general popularity, this ugly duckling has always been overshadowed by a number of its fellow starter Pokemon. It’s such a shame because Empoleon is highly underrated in my opinion. Empoleon has impressive defensive stats, unique typing combination and a more than handy Special Attack. Back in the Diamond and Pearl days, Empoleon was an effective late game sweeper that used that infamous sub-pataya moveset coupled with its typing to wreak havoc on opponents. In today’s competitive circuit, Empoleon is a noteworthy support Pokemon.

8. Swampert


Swampert is another Pokemon that has been blessed with the fabled Mega Evolution. As such, its reputation is naturally elevated. In its normal form, Swampert most often serves as a defensive tank who can absorb a few hits while dishing it back. Meanwhile, Mega Swampert can devastate teams with a rain dance boost and its enormous Attack stat. The only downside to Swampert is that it is not the most popular and recognizable Pokemon going around.

7. Blastoise


Blastoise is in my opinion the weakest of the three original starter Pokemon. A fierce looking Pokemon with a hard shell that has stats to match its appearance, Blastoise doesn’t have the right tools to become a truly exceptional Pokemon. Blastoise and its respective Mega Evolution shines in really in one role that being a bulky rapid spinner. While you could probably fiddle around with some creative movesets, it will soon become apparent that this turtle gun is fairly limited. More positively, Blastoise is one of the more recognizable starter Pokemon being the original starter and having key roles in the Indigo Plateau Arc and Pokemon full Star Trek Beyond 2016 film online

6. Sceptile


Sceptile has come of age in the most recent Pokemon game – Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. The advent of the Mega Evolutions subsequently has given Sceptile a number of new tools to play with. The most important being a sizable boost in key stats like Special Attack and Speed plus a dual typing in Grass and Dragon. While Mega Sceptile sports impressive stats in paper it still has trouble keeping up with the more over-used Pokemon, Sceptile is a good Pokemon, but it’s not an exceptional one. In terms of recognition, Sceptile did have a prominent role in the Hoenn league being Satoshi’s (Ash) signature fully evolved friend.

5. Infernape


Infernape has somewhat fallen in usage in the most recent generation. The introduction of stronger Pokemon and the Mega Evolution has blunted Infernape efficacy in competitive battles. In short, Infernape hasn’t been able to keep up with the stronger and harder hitting Pokemon in today’s metagame. Despite this, Infernape is still a respectable Pokemon with great offensive stats and speed, and a movepool that makes the fiery ape very versatile. In the anime, Infernape had a prominent role being Satoshi (Ash in the English dub) strongest ally during the Sinnoh league.

4. Venusaur


The latest games have been extremely kind to Venusaur, giving this old plant a new stream of water to allow it to bloom into a magnificent beast. The hidden ability Chlorophyll allows Venusaur to abuse sunlight from Drought Ninetails. Meanwhile its Mega Evolution adds another dimension to Venusaur’s play able to perform a tank role in balance teams. Also being one of the original starter trio, Venusaur is also one of the most famous Pokemon to date.

3. Blaziken


When in its Mega form, Blaziken is arguably stronger than the two starters ahead of it in this list. However, Blaziken sorta loses out in popularity and recognition, which is judge on my own perception of popularity. Mega Blaziken is an absolute monster with impressive offensive stats in both Special and Normal department coupled with one of the best abilities in the game – Speed Boost. Even without a Mega Evolution, Blaziken can still hold its own being an offensive beast with Speed Boost.

2. Greninja


Despite being a relatively new to the Pokemon family, Greninja has experienced incredible popularity in both the competitive circuit and in the general community. A testament to its popularity is its appearance in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U/3DS and a starring role in the upcoming new season of the anime – Pokemon XY&Z. In terms of power and strength, Greninja hits hard with good special attack, impressive speed and a boost with every hit thanks to its unique ability – Protean. Greninja is easily the best starter of Gen 6 and easily one of the best starters period.

1.  Charizard


Arguably the most popular and recognizable starter of all time, it comes at no surprise that Charizard takes the number one spot in this Top 10 list. A somewhat poster child of the Pokemon series (only behind Pikachu), there will be very few people among the gaming community who does not of Charizard. A fierce looking Pokemon and exceptionally powerful monster thanks to its two Mega Evolutions. Charizard is arguably the most versatile and powerful starter Pokemon, with two sublime Mega Evolutions each having a unique trait and roles. I suspect that many Pokemon fans will agree with my number one choice (I hope).

26 Comments on "Top 10 Starter Pokemon Of All Time"

  1. Greninja is stronger than charizard because it’s a water type but venusaur was stronger than greninja because it’s a grass type. But I know that so difficult to choose the strongest one, and my opinion is charizard was the strongest too.

  2. dominiyk manning | October 20, 2015 at 12:59 pm | Reply

    greninga is not powerful at all it can not wipe out mega charizard x

  3. I think that greninja is a cool looking pokemon, and they are certainly powerful, but I think that the three starter pokemon that froakie belongs to should have mega evolutions, the only one that does is chesnaught.

  4. okay first off, there is no way swampert is only number eight. he gives charizard a run for his money for crying out loud. if you think of swampert that low then you obviousy never used him. he only has one weakness: grass. and being a water type you can easily teach him an ice type move and be done with the grass types… and basing your opinions off of stats isnt smart considering super training and random items allow you to change the stats…and just because it may not be that popular doesnt mean a pokemon should get overlooked…being best pokemon means the strongest not the most popular… so therefore this whole thing is a scam.

    • I know right, and also, Swampert has the highest stat total of any final evolution of a starter. Like you said, it only has one weakness, Grass, because the ground-type cancels out electric. And, if you have a TM, you can teach it both Avalanche and Ice Beam, which takes care of the grass problem. And, items make him EVEN better! So, Swampert is an all-round great pokemon, that does not deserve 8th. Also, his water moves beat Charizard xD

  5. also, how the heck does chesnaught have a mega evolution and where can i get the stone for him…

  6. you did not say a thing about delofox an its evolutions in my book it is the absolut best

  7. How is Torterra not on the list? Sure he lacks in speed, but he more than makes up for it in strength and defense. Plus being a dual type grass/ground he is weak against fire but can also easily take out any fire type that doesn’t fly or have the levitate ability. You just need to crank up his speed before fighting some of the faster fire types like Blaziken, Infernape, Ninetales, and Arcanine.

  8. I like greninja and charizarsnas competitive and just pokemon.

  9. Charizard is to overrated, and can be quickly taken out by any rock types.

  10. Toastgirlofdoom | April 6, 2016 at 12:11 am | Reply

    Turtwig should be on this list. :/

  11. Chestnaught does not mega evolve

  12. Chesnaught does not mega evolve the only gen 6 pokemon able to mega evolve is diancie.

  13. you all suck blazeikin rules

  14. Torterra should be on the list

  15. charizard is my least favorite pokemon. I hate him sooooo much!

  16. Idonthaveaname | July 15, 2016 at 6:10 am | Reply

    Swampert is underrated! It has only one weakness, it has a good movepool and the highest total stats level in the starter group…ok, it’s slow, slow, slow, but come on, it is not that bad! I’ve always loved it, Swampert and Charizard are my favourite starter pokemon PS Blastoise’s position is too low, come on! It’s a very good Pokemon

  17. Char lizard is the best Pokémon who say charlizard is not then u don’t know hw to train Pokémon and yes swam pert desever more than 8

    • ever played competitive mate? Charizard is legit garbage, last time I checked it was in pu or nu (really weak pokemon chill there), whereas pokemon like blaziken, greninja and serperior are op. Greninja + protean + insane stats = u get fucked. Mega Blaziken + speed boost= forfeit the match early. Serperior + contrary + leaf storm= he takes lives. Charizard only has popularity else it is absolute shit.

  18. Chestnaught does not have a mega evolution

  19. A:Charizard is overated(I’m not hating on charzrd I’m just saying that the other starters should get some love) B:Blastoise is awesome(Just opinion)

  20. i hate chesnaught

  21. I love Venusaur!!! Thanks for putting him on this list!!!

  22. Ok well Charisse’s was op in game boy era but now it has been ridiculously weakened. I’m surprised none of Johto made it because they are all great. Swampert and blastoise need to be higher because blastoise has acceptionally well offense stats, decent speed, and the best defense of all starter other than torterra who can rival it. Infernape’s place is correct, and honestly all starters are great and some tasks would be too hard without them. And saying one starter is best is a pool of biased garbage there is no best as they can all lose to another. Swamp wet would be destroyed by a grass move as it would be 4x as effective, stealth rock wastes half of Charisse’s a health. You all need some sense and yes, there are good ones, but all starters are equal unless compared with the same class of starter (ex. Swampert compared to feraligatr)

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