Top 10 Pokemon Games Of All Time

5. Pokemon X/Y

Pokemon XY

Despite having a number of glaring flaws, Pokemon X/Y is impressive enough to warrant a top 5 finish. Pokemon X/Y is the first game to have full 3D sprites when in battle. More importantly, Pokemon X/Y introduces the new game mechanic, Mega Evolutions. I know a couple of individuals that aren’t fans of Mega Evolutions, but personally speaking I love them as they give weak Pokemon new tools to succeed. Pokemon X/Y would have been a much better game had it had a better plot and more post game content.

4. Pokemon Red/Green

pokemon red

At number four is Pokemon Red/Green. Despite not aging well, Pokemon Red/Green (Pokemon R/G) should be given credit for starting the Pokemon phenomenon all these years ago. I can remember vividly the feeling of excitement and joy when I first picked my Charmander at Pallet town. I can remember vividly that I screamed for joy when my beloved Charmander finally grew to a Charizard. There are some games that stay with you forever. Personally speaking Super Smash Bros., The legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time and Pokemon R/G are the games that have resonated with me in a deep personal level.

3. Pokemon Alpha Sapphire/ Omega Ruby

pokemon omega ruby alpha sapphire elite four pokemon champion

Rounding out third place is Pokemon Alpha Sapphire/Omega Ruby (Pokemon AS/OR). At the moment, Pokemon AS/OR is the most complete Pokemon experience. It has every modern feature that is needed in a contemporary POkemon game from online play, secret abilities,  mega evolution’s, secret base, excellent post game content and the ability to capture almost all the legendary Pokemon. If there was one Pokemon game that I would recommend for newbies, it would definitely be Pokemon AS/OR.

2. Pokemon Diamond/Pearl

Pokemon diamond pearl

Missing the top spot is Pokemon Diamond/Pearl (Pokemon D/P). Pokemon D/Pearns the runner up for two reasons: 1. It introduces a number of my favorite Pokemon games such as Garchomp, Infernape, Gliscor, Hippowdon and Lucario. 2. Introduces wi-fi play which made competitive play more accessible and global than before. Out of all original mainline series, Pokemon D/P/PT is by far the most played, killing hundred of hours on wi-fi play and one of my most memorable Pokemon game behind

1. Pokemon Soul Silver/Heart Gold

pokemon soulsilver heartgold

A remake of my favorite Pokemon generation, Pokemon Soul Silver/Heart Gold (Pokemon SS/HG) is my number one pick. Pokemon SS/HG deservedly earns top spot by offering the most satisfying and complete adventure among all Pokemon games. If you were asked to select one Pokemon game to take with you on a desert island, what game would you select? Personally speaking, I would select Pokemon SS/HG and this is why it has taken top spot. Not many other Pokemon games offer the opportunity to conquer two regional leagues, Pokemon SS/HG does. The title allows you take on the Johto League and the Indigo Plateau. Furthermore being a remake, Pokemon SS/HG offers a contemporary experience complete with pleasant visuals and competitive online play.

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  1. Yes that’s absolutely right
    that was “betul sekali.”

  2. Sorry but Soulsilver/heartgold sucks. The game play is confusing, and somewhat of a ripoff. Training Pokémon is EXTREMELY difficult and the elite 4 is even more difficult because of that. Even though it was made after pearl/diamond (somewhat excluding the original gold and silver) it was a complete step back. I really don’t understand what makes it so good. Just cause it’s a remake of your favorite game doesn’t make it the immediate top 1. Gosh you know how biased that is?

    • Oh yah, being a basher yah that will get you
      so far in life. Did you know HG was my first pokemon game (I did not expect you to know but im making a point) It was truly easy to grasp. Like every game get a starter. Cyndaquil for me. Then go catch pokemon and beat everything. Except the game corner because I am terrible at that

    • Games are not supposed to be easy, you’re supposed to have to work to beat the game and not just breeze through it.

    • Are you kidding? HGSS were extremely easy, just like all Pokemon games. The gameplay couldn’t get simpler, and it had a bunch of content.

    • Heart Gold is not confusing if it is to you then ur just playing the game wrong :p

  3. The game is as easy or as hard as you wan it to be. Want more of a challenge? Grind less and avoid leveling up your pokemon. Want it to be easier? Grind more. And of course it is biased. It’s a list of HIS favorite pokemon games. He’s not stating it as a fact, but an opinion. The fact that the game does let you take on 2 sets of Gym leaders and badges is great. On one hand, you get to fight the new gym leaders and just when you think the adventure is over, you get to revisit your old region and relive the nostalgic gym battles. Not only that, but you get to see how the Kanto region evolved from the first generation games. That’s a very viable reason for it to get the top spot. In my opinion of course.

  4. But that was just their ‘opinion’ xD

  5. Soul Silver was my first game 100+ hours on it love it very repayable and I love all the starters in the gen!

  6. No Yellow?

  7. Number one game is light platinum

  8. black and white and diamond and pearl should switc

  9. gen 5 and gen 4 should switch. diamond and pearl sucked, platinum was ok

  10. hi I like charizard Pikachu mewtwo bulbasaur eevee your face

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