Toon Link Appears In Capcom’s Monster Hunter X

Capcom has shared two brand new trailers for their upcoming 3DS exclusive title – Monster Hunter X. The trailers announces two collaborations with two highly celebrated video game franchises.

Toon Link will make an hilarious cameo in Monster Hunter X, with a special Felyne costume available to use on your fury friends. Toon Link Felyne is complete with a shiny Mirror Shield, Master Sword and the Wind Waker. Felyne Toon Link is even capable of performing the legendary spin attack.

The second collaboration joins the Monster Hunter franchise with the Macross series. Macross Nyalkyrie gear will be introduced and will be wearable by the Felynes.

You can watch the trailers below.

Monster Hunter X is set to storm Japan on November 28. Unfortunately, there is no news on whether the title will be made available in the west.

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