The Legend Of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD: 5 Improvements I Want To See

The internet is rife with rumors about the possibility of a HD remake of Twilight Princess for the Nintendo Wii U. The conjecture all started with a piece of coding left in the Wii U, which may indicate that the classic Wii title could be making a return in GLORIOUS HD. While rumors are just rumors, but its always fun to indulge ourselves in juicy speculation once in a while. It couldn’t hurt right? Right?

In the off chance that the Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD is indeed in the works, I would like to suggest a number of improvement to the game that could potentially make it better. Let’s face it, while Twilight Princess is a great game, it is far from perfect and had a number of glaring flaws that could be fixed easily.

So without further ado, here are 5 improvement I want to see in the Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD.

1. Challenging Boss Fights

twilight princess boss fights

I suspect many players would agree with this point. For Zelda standards and in gaming standards in general, the bosses in Twilight Princess – while looking impressive – are a cake walk to defeat. The vast majority of the major boss enemies pose little or no danger and can be defeated in matters of minutes. In the HD remake of Twilight Princes HD, I would like the bosses to be reworked to present a greater challenge to players. The developer can achieve this be adding additional phases to the battle, increase damage output or change the attack behavior completely.

2. Fill the empty world

twilight princess hyrule fields

Hyrule Field was notorious for being incredibly empty. There was very few things to see and very few things to do in Hyrule Fields.  It is a world that did not encourage exploration nor was it convincing that it was a living, breathing and thriving kingdom. Lifeless best describes the world in Twilight Princess. While it may require a significant amount of work, filling the world of Twilight is a worthwhile venture and certainly worth the extra effort. I would like to see more scenery, more landmarks, more mini-dungeons and more in-game interactivity between the player and the NPC. Essentially, I want Hyrule to become lively and bustling, much like Terminal in Majora’s Mask.

3. More Sidquests

twilight princess sidequests

A follow up from point 2. Given that Nintendo does decide to fill-up the world, I would like to see more sidequests included in Twilight Princess. Behind Skyward Sword, Twilight Princess has the least and some of the worst sidequests that the series has to offer. Hopefully, now with a livelier world, the developers can add more interesting sidequests that are not merely redundant fetch quests. Think more in line with the quests in Majora’s Mask that have an interesting backstory and impact the world rather than Skywards Sword superfluous  fetch quest.

4. Not just a high-res port

zelda wii u

Don’t you hate it when developers claim call an up-res port a HD remake (looking at you Capcom)? I do as well. With Twilight Princess HD, I want a complete rework of the graphics and not just an upscale port. Do you remember the Zelda Tech demo that was shown at E3 2011, I want presentations similar or at the very least close to replicating those graphics. Despite being relatively under powered compared to the competition the Wii U is still a very capable machine that hasn’t reached its potential yet. Zelda Wii U or Twilight Princess HD can be the game that showcases what the Wii U is made of.

5. Trim down the boring start

wolf link sleeping

A common complaint thrown at the original game was the slow beginning. There was a lot of superfluous fluff and hanholding that the player had to endure before the good stuff begins. If my memory serves correctly, it will take a new player around 3-4 hours before they arrive to the forest temple, which is far too long and leaves a bad first impression. I think Nintendo can get rid of the first introductory hours and immediately start with the first major plot event without ruining the core essence of Twilight Princess.

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  1. One thing I want Twilight Princess to change Midan and the twight species appearence because they were basically nude. Also get rid of the Great fairies.

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