The Legend Of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes Boss Battle Guide

Typical of the Zelda series, the spin-off title Tri Force heroes features an impressive array of boss enemies. It wouldn’t be a Zelda game without the intimidating boss battles for Link to slay…Right? To help my fellow Tri Force Heroes, I thought it might be a good idea to write up a good strategy guide on how to beat each and every boss in the Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes.

Considering that strategies slightly vary whether you are playing cooperatively with two other players or going solo, I will be writing for a general perspective on how to defeat the respective boss enemy regardless how you chose to play the game.

So without further ado, here is Nintendo News Fix’s Zelda: Tri Force Heroes boss battle guide.

A work in progress…


The first official boss is Margoma, which is a spinning-top like being. When the battle begin Margoma will spin around the battle and will occasional spin wildly hitting the wall causing it to daze itself.

In the first phase, you will need to create a two-Link totem. When Margoma daze itself, a hole on top will open, throw a bomb into the whole. Succesfully landing a bomb, it’s eye will appear. Throw link on top and hit the eye repeatedly.

The second phase you will need to create a three-link totem and use the same strategy as the first phase. At the last phase, the eye will attach from its spin-top body, now your jobs is to chase the eyeball and hit Margoma until the boss enemy falls. Congratulations!


Arghus reminds me of the Water Temple boss in Ocarina of temple. This boss is fairly easy. Essentially what you want to do when the battle begin is using the hookshot to detach and hit the red orb surrounding the main body.

Once you have dispersed the first round of red orbs, the water level will fall and the battlefield will take place on the pool floor. The essential strategy is the same, so you will need to detach and attack the red orb. Destroying all the red orb

On the the final phase, Argghus will float around the arena. You will need to create a 3 Link totem and target its eye. Hitting the eye will daze Arggus, allowing you to hit him. Just repeat the process until Argghus is defeated.


Moldorm is an incredibly easy. All you need is to avoid Moldorm as he crawls around the arena and hit the bulb at the end of his tail. A little trick is to avoid hitting its gaze indicated by the lights beaming out of its eye.

At the second and third stage of the battle you will need to totem up with two then three Links to reach the bulb as he will raise his tail to counter your attacks. Just repeat the process until Moldorm is defeated.


When the battle starts, Blizzagia will enter one of five hole. He will periodically pop up and lash towards you. Blizzagia will indicate that he will soon attack when he an icicle breeze is hurled, so keep this in mind.

Essentially all you need to do is hit Blizzagia skull with the hammer after when it attacks. Repeat the process a number of times until the next phase begins.

In the next phase the ground will be covered with ice making the battle a little trickier. Also Blizzagia will not hide in the hole, instead will wonder around the arena attempting to ram into you. Again your goal is to hit Blizzagia skull, this time until the rocky helmet breaks.

Once the helmet breaks, you are now able to attack its brain. Repeat the process until Blizzagia is defeated. A little hint if you are playing with a friend. Delegate on player to attack the body stunning Blizzagia and another focusing on hitting the skull.

The Lady’s Pet

The Lady’s Pet is one of the most difficult boss battles in the game. You will be taking on remodeled versions of the first three boss in Tri Force Heroes: Margoma, Arggus and Moldorm. Quite literally you will have to defeat the first three bosses again in one sitting.

The core strategy for each boss remains the same, but expect a more difficult battle from each encounter. With Pet Margoma, you simply need to throw bombs into the hole and then attack the eye while it is dazed. Be careful though, Pet Margoma will push over the edge if you are clumsy.

Pet Arggus will have flames coming out of its head and will move faster with each new phase. However the strategy remains the same. Hit the bulb at the end of its tail and use the totem when it raises its tail.

With Pet Maldorm you will need to totem up hits eye to daze it. It’s a little trickier considering that it has two floating and rotating crystal balls impeding your view.


Stalchampion ups the ante in difficulty. In the first phase of the battle what you will need to do is hit both its leg to disjoint its skeleton. When the bones fall to the ground, this is your chance to hits the Stalchampion. Repeat the process a number of times until the next phase begins. At times, Stalchampion will guard its leg.

In cooperative play, delegate one player to attack its block while the other player goes around to attack from a blind spot. In solo play you will need to wait for the stalchampion to hit the ground before you have an opportunity to hit its leg.

The second phaze is where things get difficult. Only the Skull and the spiked ball will remain active. The Skull ball will roll around, while the skull will lunge forward to attack you. At this point what you will need to do is wait for the Skull to be on ground and hit it. Sound simple but you can take a lot of damage from the skull and spike ball.


Prismantus is a little easier than the Stalchampion. You will notice that the monster has 3 bulbs with lights: Red, Blue and Green. Each corresponding with the three colored links.

What you will need to do is hit the lights with corresponding colored Link. Doing so will reveal its eye which you must hit. On the second phase, it will role around and sometimes you may need to totem up to reach the light.

After a number of good hits on the eye, Prismantus will be defeated.

Final Boss Battle – The Lady

The Final Boss in in the Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes is of course, The Lady. I highly recommend finding a few friends to play with as going solo can make the fight a little more difficult than it should. However, having said that, it is still entirely possible to beat the Lady, but you need to be quick and efficient when switching enemy.

As soon as the battle begins, the Lady will be in the middle of the room with a large energy ring obstructing your path to her. Totem up to three and throw two Links into the inner ring. Now switch to the two totem. What you need to do is aim at The Lady and throw Link at her which will stun her.

Once stun, you are free to land a few free hits. Repeat the process until she steps down from the platform and begins to flail her umbrella around. You will need to work cooperatively or switch between Links to hit her from behind. Again repeat the process until the next phase begins.

This phase is the trickiest if you are playing solo. You are playing a game of rally. The Lady will fire out three different colored correlating to the three colors of Link. Using the sword and the right colored link hit the energy ball back to the Lady to begin a rally.

For Solo players you will need to be quick and accurate when you switch between the colors. When you stun her with her own ball, use this opportunity to hit her freely. Repeat the process until the next phase begins.

The third phase is quite easy. What you will need to do is to throw a two-Link totem onto one of the floating platforms to allow your attack to reach her. You will need to be selective on what platform you throw the totem as the color platform indicates what Link has to be in the bottom. However, the cream colored platform can be used for all colors, so I would advise aiming for the cream platform.

Nearing the end of the battle, The Lady will hurl the umbrella’s to the flower, so you will need to be quick to stand on the right platform. Repeat the process until the Lady is defeated.

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