The Legend Of Zelda: Majora’s Mask 3D – How To Get the Gilded Sword

Once you have completed the Snowhead Temple, the famed Gilded Sword will be able to be forged at Smithy in Mountain Village. But before that you will need to do a few things in preparation for the Gilded Sword.

Just to be on the safe size, it is wise that you do this on the first day and ensure that the snow has melted (by beating Snowhead Temple Boss). Firstly, you will want to upgrade your Kokiri Sword to the Razor Sword. To do this, head to the Mountain Smith located in Mountain Village of the Snowhead region. Speak to Zubora and Gabora to upgrade your Kokiri Sword to the Razor Sword. But please note that you will need at least 100 rupees to pay for the job and neet to wait until the next morning.

Once done, make your way to the Goron Village. Go down to the bottom floor to meet the Goron that sells the Power Keg. Note: You will need to wear the Goron Mask. After speaking to the Goron, he will drop a Power, which you will need to transport the ticking time bomb to the boulder blocking the Goron Raceways. If you are ensure where the entrance to the Goron Races, it is located at the lake area of the Mountain Village (with multiple wooden bridges and Mr Tingle). Succesfully destroying the boulder will grant you access to the Goron Races.

Enter the Goron Race and attempt to win the competition. Cross the line first and your will be rewarded with the Gold Dust.

Note: You will want to return to the Goron that gave you the Power Keg as he will reward you with the Power Keg item.

Assuming you have the Razor Sword already, go back to the Mountain Smithy. The delightful duo will gladly upgrade your Razor Sword to the Gilded in return for your Gold Dust. The Gilded Sword has twice the power of the Kokiri Sword but without the usage limits of the Razor Sword.

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