The Best Mario kart Games Of All Time

I don’t think anyone can argue the pedigree of the Mario Kart series. Not only does Mario Kart define a genre, it also dominates the genre. Cheap knockoffs have come and gone, but none have come close to touching Mario Kart, and I suspect no game will ever be close.

It may not feel like it nor does it show in the games, but the Mario Kart series is over 20 years old, and more absurdly it is only has 8 entry’s, which is a testament to its longevity and more importantly its consistent quality over the years.

There are 8 great games in the series, but you have ever thought about which entry is the best? Is it the original Super Mario Kart? Or do you believe Double Dash takes the crown? Or perhaps you feel that one of the handheld iterations deserves the title?

Today, I would to share with you, my opinion on what are the best Mario Kart games of all time! Please be mindful this is just an opinion, so be respectful. But you are free to criticise, dismantle and post your own thoughts.

So without further ado, here is my opinion on what are the best Mario kart games of all time.

5. Mario Kart Wii

mario kart wii

Despite suffering a severe balance issues and eventually became an unfortunate victim of hacking, Mario Kart Wii is still one of the best entries the franchise has to offer. Where Mario Kart Wii shined above was its impressive online multiplayer, before hackers became prevalent. Released when the Wii was still red hot, Mario Kart Wii enjoyed a bustling and populated community. I would spend months on end racing others to raise my VR score to over 9000. Using the over-powered Mach Bike, winning races was a cinch, unless I was in a lobby with equalled skilled racers. Even if I had a bad day on the circuit, I could jump right into a fun game of battle mode or hone my skill by beating other ghosts in time trial. In terms of contribution, Mario Kart Wii introduced bikes and the now standard trick system. It is rather unfortunate that the game was marred by the prevalence of cheaters, had it been stopped, Mario Kart Wii would have ranked much higher.

4. Super Mario kart

Super Mario Kart

The game that started the phenomenon deserves to be mention in a greatest game of all time. Sure you could argue that the Super Mario Kart is outdated. Sure, you could say that every Mario Kart after Super Mario Kart is superior. But I feel that credit must be handed to the game that pioneered the franchise into gaming history deserves its camuffins. Not surprising, Super Mario Kart can be considered the most influential entry in the franchise, having introduced all the key gameplay ideas. Its revolutionary ideas created a strong platform for the series to grow in popular in the years to come.

3. Mario Kart 64

Mario Kart 64

Arguably the most safest and conservative entry in the franchise, Mario Kart 64 grabs the number three spot for providing just a really great time with friends and delivering some of the most memorable  tracks the series has to offer. Who could forget Koopa Troopa Beach, Sherbet Land, Yoshi Valleym DK’s Jungle Parkway and Wario Stadium? All these classic tracks came from one game. Impressive…right? Back in the day, Mario Kart 64 was the ultimate party game. Even today, I sometimes take out the old 64 with Mario Kart 64 inserted to entertain my guests.

2. Mario Kart DS

Mario Kart DS

Just barely missing out top honours is Mario Kart DS. Mario Kart DS was the first game in the series to take full advantage online multiplayer, a step that would later propel the franchise into great height. Though still held back by the technical limits of the hardware, for the first time racers could hop online and race against around the world. Mario Kart DS may not be fondly remembered because of its divisive snaking mechanics, it does feature an impressive selection of masterly crafted courses and a diverse range of appealing karts (my favourite being Rob-lgs).

Mario Kart 8

mario kart 8 best mario kart games of all time

Taking the crown of best Mario Kart game, is the latest and greatest Mario Kart 8. Despite a few flaws, Mario Kart 8 is the most refined and well-made entry in the franchise history. Remarkably balanced, stunningly beautiful and exceptionally fun – Mario Kart 8 is the ultimate Mario Kart game ever. Introducing the clever anti-gravity gameplay and all the while buffing to perfection the tried-and-true formula. Mario Kart 8 pushes the series to new heights. With the advent of the digital age, additional DLC has kept the game fresh despite being a year. And let’s not forget, Mario Kart 8 introduces the insanely fast 200cc mode. The only scratch on this perfect product is the below par battle mode, but that can be changed in the future.

What are your thoughts on my list? Do you agree or disagree? Let me know your thoughts on what are the best Mario Kart games of all time by leaving a comment below!


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  1. Play Mario Kart by Mario Games funny for kids. Mario Kart has been around for a long time, but with every game, Nintendo adds new features that bring players back, and it’s no different with the latest entry.

  2. i love mariokart wii

  3. Mario Kart 8 really changed the game. Not as much as the first Mario Kart, but it just gives a totally different game feel. here

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