Target Australia Selling Splatoon for $58; Splatoon Wii U Bundle Includes Two Additional Games

Splatoon is set to hit Australian store shelves this Saturday. Any prospective buyers still unsure where to purchase the title, then perhaps consider buying the title at Target retailers. The newest catalog for Target has been leaked before its scheduled distribution; revealing the cheapest prices for Splatoon, Inkling Amiibo and the Splatoon Wii U bundle in Australia.


The standalone SKU for Splatoon is priced at $58. For comparison sake Eb games is selling the title $79.95. However, if you do not have a nearby Target Store, JB Hi-Fi has the next cheapest price, selling Splatoon for $59. Target is also selling the individual Inkling Boy Amiibo and Inkling Girl Amiibo for $17. The Splatoon Amiibo triple pack Рwhich comes with Inkling Boy, Inkling Girl and Inkling Squid Рwill set you back $49.

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To the envy of North

Perhaps more importantly Target has by far the best deal on the Splatoon Wii U bundle. Target is offering the Splatoon Wii U bundle with two additional games for $359. You can select two from the following: Splinter Cell Blacklist, Assassins Creed 3, Rabbids Land, Sport Connection and Marvel the Avengers. Essentially you are getting two bonus games without incurring additional costs. It is an awesome deal if I may say so.

What are your thoughts about these deals? Have you secured your copy of Splatoon? Let me know by leaving a comment below!

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