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Wii Fit Trainer Guide: Movesets, Advance Techniques And Strategy

Welcome fellow visitors to Nintendo News Fix Wii Fit Trainer Character Guide – a comprehensive guide to the gym junkies movesets, advance techniques and strategies. If you are a newby to Super Smash Bros or would like to get a few pointers to improve your game with Wii Fit Trainer, then you have arrived at the right place. Now before anyone gets their panties in a knot, this guide is an introduction to the character and is not an adequate resource (yet) for highly competitive players.

Making his/her debut in Super Smash Bros. 4, Wii Fit Trainer is a peculiar character that sports a unique play-style that might take a while to get use to. Once mastered, Wii Fit Trainer can be a devastating all-round character, that should be considered for players looking to challenge themselves. Before we get to the nitty gritty of the guide, please familiar yourself with Wii Fit Trainer move-sets.

Please note, this is a work in progress. I will add additional information when more techniques and information become available.


Jab: A three stage attack. The Third attack buries the opponent into the ground.
Dash Attack: Wii Fit Trainer performs a running Gate Pose.
Forward Tilt: Wii Fit Trainer performs the Dance pose.
Up Tilt: Performs Triangle Pose.
Down Tilt: The Plow Pose

Smash Attack

Forward Smash: Performs Warrior Pose. Two Hitboxes located at the tip of the hand.
Up Smash: Performs Tree Yoga Pose
Down Tilt: Performs Arm & Leg Lift exercise.


Neutral Air: Perform Jackknife pose
Forward Air: Wii Fit Trainer performs Single. The Foot hit box can meteor Smash.
Up Air: Performs Half Moon Pose.
Donw Air: Performs Chair.

Special Moves

Neutral B – Sun Salutation: A Chargeable projectile.
Side B – Header: A Projectile where Wii Fit Trainer headbuts a volleyball on angle trajectory. Headbut can Meteor Smash.
Down B – Deep Breathing: Press B when the circle reaches the red zone to increase the attack power of Wii Fit Trainer.
Up Special – Super Hoop: Wii Fit Trainer Hula’s vertically.

Attributes, Strengths And Weakness

  • Fast and Agile
  • San Salutation is a powerful projectile.
  • Deep Breathing is a fantastic move that raises Wii Fit Trainers attack Power
  • 3 moves that can Meteor Smash.
  • Several moves have two hit boxes.
  • Wii Fit Trainer Hit Boxes are small and precise.
  • Jabs 3rd hit buries the opponent into the ground
  • Aside Salutation, Wii Fit Trainer has very few reliable killing moves.
  • Poor recovery options

Strategy and Analysis

The most important thing to know about Wii Fit Trainer is the small hit boxes of his/her moves. With such a small hit box  – Wii Fit Trainer requires precision when going for an attack. Therefore, it is equally important to understand the hit boxes of Wii Fit Trainers moves. As a general rule of thumb, the Hit Boxes are located at the foot and hand of Wii Fit Trainer. So you will want to to space and time your moves so that the hand and feet meet the opponents hurt box.

For example, Wii Fit Trainer forward air has two hit boxes one located the tip of the arm and the second at the tip of the leg, demonstrated by the image below. And by the way the hitting the opponent with the feet will meteor spike opponent.

wii fit trainer character guide

Unfortunately, as a result of Wii Fit Trainers small Hit boxes, the fighters ground and aerial games are way below par. Therefore, it is very difficult for Wii Fit Trainer to approach and maintain pressure in battles. I personally adopt an attrition play-style – utilizing Wii Fit Trainers speed and nimbleness to gradually deal damage on the opponent and then, when at high percentage go for the kill… Essentially, adopting a hit-and-run policy. My go to moves are Back-Air, Neutral Air, Jab, Forward-Air and an accurate grab game to deal damage.

wii fit trainer gif combo

Thankfully, dealing damage is assisted with Deep Breathing, which grants Wii Fit Trainer more damage per move and causes additional hit stun (still discovering the affects). Once at a high percentage – generally when the percentage is over 100-  your goal is to KO the opponent with  a fully charged Sun Salutation. Forward-Smash is indeed a powerful killing move, but it is fairly hard to connect and is highly punishable if you happen to miss. Up-Smash is a good killing move at stages with platforms (like Battlefield) and so is Back-Air.

Your best chance of hitting with the Sun Salutation is firing the projectile at a falling mid-air enemy. Generally, a falling enemy (who has used up their second jump) only has one method of avoiding the attack, which is air dodging. Baiting the air dodge and fishing for an opening will increase the chances of hitting with a powerful Sun Salutation.

wii fit trainer gif

Wii Fit Trainer has 3 moves that can Meteor Smash, but unfortunately they aren’t reliable for a KO. In case you want to try, Wii Fit Trainers Forward-Air (the leg hit box), Down-Air and Header (the headbutt motion) can meteor smash.

You can cancel Wii Fit Trainer’s Header by pressing R before the fighter butts the Volleyball. The dropped ball can be propelled forward by Down-Smash, but the damage is negligible and is impractical in battle situations.

(NB: If you like to add more to the guide and/or have suggestions/corrections – please leave a comment below or email me at mike@nintendonewsfix.com)

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