Super Smash Bros For Wii U/3DS: Link Character Guide

Link Guide: Movesets, Advance Techniques and Strategy

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Welcome to Nintendo News Fix Super Smash Bros. For Wii U/3DS Link character guide. This is the most comprehensive guide on the internet, detailing Link’s moveset, technique and strategy. Use this article as the first step to getting the fundamentals right to competitive Smash and should not be used as a be-all-end-all bible to Link.

One of the 12 original Super Smash Bros veterans – Hyrule’s legendary hero, Link, makes an expected return in Super Smash Bros. For Wii U/3DS. Link brings his bag of tricks into the battle – making him quite a verse character, which, at the right hands can make waves in online play. With a Bow & Arrow, the Gale Boomerang and the Bombs at his disposal – Link is well served as a long range fighter.


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Special Moves

Neutral B Special – Bow & Arrow: Link fires an arrow; the move can be charged and then released.

Side B Special – Gale Boomerang: Link hurls the Gale Boomerang forward. The propelling hit causes damage and the retreating boomerang draws the opponent towards Link.

Down B Special – Bombs: Link draws a bomb. The bomb can be thrown at will, but it has a cooking time before it detonates.

Up B Special – Spin Attack: Link spins in a multi hit attack. Using the move in the air propels Link vertically.


Forward Tilt: A vertical slash with the Master Sword

Down Tilt: Link kneels and slashes horizontally at the opponents knee. The hit propels the opponent vertically.

Up Tilt: An overhead slash that covers Links head; the hitbox also extends behind Link.

Smash Attacks

Forward Smash: Link powerfully slashes forward twice, the second slash can be delayed or cancelled.

Down Smash: Link makes a sweeping motion, which covers his front and then back.

Up Smash: Link performs three powerful overhead slashes.

Aerial Attacks

Neutral Air: A mid-air kick

Forward Air: Link twirls in the air with a two sword slash.

Down Air: Link stabs downward. During the initial start-up frames, at the tip of the sword can meteor spike the opponent.

Up Air: Link stabs the air skyward; has long duration.

Attributes, Strengths and Weakness

  • With the Bow & Arrow, Gale Boomerang and Bombs at his disposal – Link excels at long range combat.
  • Link can use his disjointed hitbox (Sword) to his advantage. Slashing at fireballs, Thunderjolts and Lloid Rockets.
  • Shield can block most projectiles including Mega Man’s forward smash.
  • Dash Attack is an amazing killing attack.
  • Fast Falling speed.
  • Average movement speed.
  • Poor aerial game.
  • Poor recovery options.
  • Limited Edge guarding options.
  • Susceptible to Juggles.
  • Most of Links attacks are unsafe.

Strategy And Analysis

Our favorite tunic-wearing hero, Link, was fortunate to receive a number improvement from his Brawl counterpart. On paper, Link remains largely unchanged, but don’t let this fool you. Link has been given a number of tools that make knock outs a little easier to execute compared to the previous titles.

Firstly, it is important to define Link’s play-style. Aforementioned above, Link excels in long-range combat. Taking advantage of this particular strength is vital to compensate his many shortcomings. Essentially, you will need to create a zone with the Bow & Arrows, Boomerang and the Bombs. To achieve this, you will need to create a hypothetical wall, using a combination of the Bomb’s, Boomerang and occasionally the arrows to stop the advances of the opponent.

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Your projectiles should be well directed and well aimed, so that not a single movement is wasted and therefore disallowing openings in your zone. It is equally important, that you maintain mobility when you unleash your wall of projectiles. This can be achieved by short hopping and then using the respective move. Jumping allows you to react more responsively to the movements of the opponents respectively.

If the opponent attempts to enter the zone through the air, I found that using Neutral-Air as a useful stop-move in the air to halt their approach. Link’s neutral-air-kick does not cease until he hits the ground and best of all it has virtually no landing lag. It is because of these properties, Neutral Air is a vital weapon in Link’s arsenal. Short-hop-fast-fall neutral air is a great approaching option when on the offensive and works well with Links projectile game. FAIR (Forward-Air) is also a good alternative, but requires pixel-perfect timing to be a better alternative. ZAIR is also good approach attack, but in my opinion not nearly as good as it was in Brawl.

In terms of KO options, Links two most reliable attacks is his down smash and his dash attack. Down-smash requires reading your opponents movements and play-style then anticipating a suitable to use the attack. Spamming the move will alert the opponent to your plans, so please use sparingly.

super smash bros for wii u link character guide

In my opinion, Link’s most reliable KO move is his dash attack. Link’s dash attack is a great tech chase move. If you are able to time the attack to punish a miss-tech or anticipate the direction the opponent correctly – Link dash attack can be his most potent attack. I particularly like catching opponents of guard by forcing an opponent with projectiles as they try to either air-dodge, shield, spot dodge or roll. Again, spamming the move will alert the opponent of your strategy, so please use sparingly.

I believe it is important to assert pressure with your projectiles and forcing an opening in your opponents defense. This is the crux of Link’s strategy and unfortunately he doesn’t have the necessary attributes to play in other ways.

Additionally, Link edge guarding game is quite poor, which is made worst by the new ledge grab mechanics. You can venture off the ledge with an aggressive FAIR and NAIR, but the risk is too great for what is a poor return in investment. I have successfully used DAIR to meteor smash opponents into oblivion, but requires mindfulness on positioning and timing to pull-off successfully. Unlike Mega Man, whom has an excellent ledge game, Link will be heavily reliant on smash attacks and his dash attacks to KO.

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