Super Mario Maker: Unlock Skinny Mushroom, Gnat Attack Mini Game & Builder Mario

How To Unlock The Super Mushroom, Gnat Attack And Builder Mario Costume

Super Mario Maker has a number of wacky and humorous features to amuse players further. Arguably¬†one of the quirkier power-ups included in Super Mario Maker is the skinny mushroom. You’ve probably occasionally came across the Skinny Mushroom randomly in some stages.

Grabbing one will transform Mario into a taller and skinnier version of himself. It’s really quite comical. You may have noticed that the Skinny Mushroom isn’t available at the Level Editor, but it is unlockable, just only by completing a ¬†set of requirement.

To unlock the Skinny Mushroom, you will need to complete the fourth levels that were featured during the Nintendo World Champions at E3 2015. To do so, just continuously play the 10 Mario Challenge until the four stages emerge. The four stages will eventually be added to the sample courses. Successfully beating the four levels will unlock the Skinny Mushrooms.To use the Skinny Mushroom, select the Super Mushroom and then give it a shake.

To unlock Builder Mario you will need to play the Gnat Attack. To access the secret mini game, enter the level editor and don’t touch the gamepad for about fifteen minutes. It is important to note that you don’t touch any inputs or buttons for the period of time. When the fifteen minutes is up, you will notice three flies appear on the screen. Tap on the flies to swat them which will initiate the Gnat Attack mini game.

Successfully beat the Gnat Attack mini game to unlock Builder Mario costume. I hope this quick guide helps.

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