Super Mario Maker: How To Unlock All Costumes

Super Mario Maker features 100 costumes that can be used in game. Grabbing a Mystery Mushroom during gameplay will transform Mario into the respective 8-bit equivalent of a famous gaming mascot.

The most convenient way to unlock your 8-bit mascot is to own the respective amiibo. Just tap the Amiibo onto the gamepad to unlock the costume for Super Mario Maker. For a full list of compatible Amiibo, you can check Nintendo News Fix – Super Mario Maker Amiibo Compatibility guide – by clicking the link.

However, if you are like myself, who cannot afford or simply not bothered purchasing all the Amiibo’s Nintendo releases, there are alternate methods to unlock these costumes in Super Mario Maker. That’s right! You don’t need to own the Amiibo to use the costume in Super Mario Maker. Thanks Nintendo!

To unlock the costumes, you simply need to play the game. Test out courses and stages from other players around the world. The most sufficient method is to attempt and complete the 100 x Mario Challenge multiples times and before you know it all 100 costumes will be available to you. I will warn you it may take some time and grinding before all the costumes are unlocked. So please be persistent.

You can click here on how to unlock Builder Mario Costume.

Below is the full list of costumes available for Super Mario Maker. Plus you can view the video below to see all 8-bit costumes in action.

As always be sure to stay tuned at Nintendo News Fix for all the Super Mario Maker coverage.

Mystery Mushroom Mario (recolor) Peach Luigi Bowser
Goomba Question Block Trampoline Toad Bowser Jr
Silver Mario Gold Mario Builder Mario Yoshi Shy Guy
Wario Rosalina Mario Bros Shellcreeper Sidestepper
Dr Mario Kart Mario Waluigi Woolly Yoshi Pink Yarn Yoshi
L.Blue Yoshi Mega Yarn Yoshi Donkey Kong Jr Donkey Kong Diddy Kong
Kirby King Dedede Meta Knight Pit Palutena
Dark Pit Mega Man Samus Zero Suit Samus R.O.B
Marth Ike Lucina Robin Pikachu
Charizard Jigglypuff Greninja Lucario Olimar
Pikmin Link Ganondorf Zelda Sheik
Tingle Toon Link Shulk Ness Lucas
Inkling Squid Inkling Boy Inkling Girl Wii Balance Board Wii Fit Trainer
Mabel Villager Isabelle (Winter) K.K Resetti
Blathers Kapp’n Celeste Kicks Isabelle (Summer)
Digby Cyrus Mr. Game & Watch Captain Falcon Sonic
Duck Hunt Pac-Man Chibi-Robo Little Mac Fox
Falco Slippy Toad Peppy Hare Walker Mahjong Tile
Dr. Lobe Ashley Nikki Foreman Spike Reese
Tom Nook Rover Timmy & Tommy Lottie Necky The Fox

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    Thanks, but could you add what mode you have to beat to get them? (Easy, Normal, Expert)

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