Super Mario Maker Guide: How To Unlock All Items Fast

How To Unlock All Items Fast In Super Mario Maker

I’ve received a few questions asking how to unlock all items in Super Mario Maker. The launch patch for Super Mario Maker alters the way unlocks work in the game. Before the patch, items for the level editor unlock in groups daily. It took a total of nine days to unlock all items and tools for the level editor. Sounds terrible! Right?┬áNintendo has thankfully listened to feedback and changed the unlock method. I’ve read many recommendations asking people to change the clocks and dates of their system, this is simply unnecessary and plainly does not work.

Now, however, things work a little differently. The items and tools can be unlocked much faster allowing you to get into making some insane levels without the hassle of waiting nine days. In this article, I will tell you how to unlock all the items in Super Mario Maker fast. Using this method it is possible to unlock most – if not all – tools and items in Super Mario Maker.

The best and quickest way to unlock all the items in Super Mario maker is simple spam blocks and bricks on the level editor. More items and tools become available when the software thinks you are becoming more familiar and experienced with the level editor. To trick the software, just spam the level editor with blocks and bricks, which is essentially telling the game “I am getting use to making levels.”

Gradually, you will get notifications that new item, tools and themes are due for arrival. When new tools and items do arrive, it is important to use the new pieces in the level editor before spamming the blocks again. Repeat the process and before you know it everything will be available to use.

I hope this helps.

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