Super Mario Collection Amiibo $10 A Piece At Big W

Australian retailer Big W is hosting a half yearly sale on a number of entertainment products including video games and video game consoles.

Among the products on sale is the Super Mario Collection Amiibo figurines, Kirby and The Rainbow Curse and the Splatoon Wii U Bundle.

The Super Mario Collection, which is the Amiibo series accompanied Mario Party 10 at its release, is selling at a discount price of $10, a saving of $7. The Super Mario Collection includes Amiibo of Mario, Luigi, Peach, Bowser, Yoshi and Toad.

Moreover, the clay adventures of Kirby And The Rainbow Curse is selling at a decent price of $42, which again is a saving $7.

The recently released, Splatoon Wii U Bundles, will also be on sale. Normally at selling at $359, the Splatoon bundle is going for $328.

All these items will go on sale on Thursday, 25 June. I suspect the Super Mario Collection Amiibo will not last long on the shelves, so if you are interested in grabbing yourself a number of Amiibo’s then I would advise you to get there early.

You can view all the discounted items at

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