Super Mario Bros. Amiibo Series Collection Guide

Collectors Guide To The Super Mario Bros. Amiibo Series

Mario Party 10 is the second Wii U title that has a dedicated set of Amiibo available for use and collect. Currently in the Super Mario Bros. series there are 7 unique Amiibo to collect, including an ultra rare Gold Mario Amiibo.

The Super Mario Bros. series are not highly sought after like the Super Smash Bros. collection. Fortunately, this mean they are readily available to purchase and will not be resold for a premium price. The only exception to this is the Gold Mario Amiibo which ran through limited print and was only available at one retailer.

In Mario part 10, the figurines are used in Amiibo party mode. Tapping an Amiibo will grant you the use of the respective characters in the mode. The Super Mario Bros. series are also compatible with other Nintendo games including Super Smash Bros., Mario Kart 8, Hyrule Warriors and Captain Toads: Treasure Tracker. Please check out Nintendo’s compatibility chart for full details and use.

Below is the full list of the Super Mario Bros. Amiibo series collection, use this as a guide to complete your collection.

No.1 Mario (Common)

Super Mario Bros - Mario Amiibo

No. 2 Bowser (Common)

Super Mario Bros - Bowser Amiibo

No. 3 Peach (Common)

Super Mario Bros - Peach Amiibo

No. 4 Yoshi (C0mmon)

Super Mario Bros - yoshi amiibo (2)

No. 5 Luigi (Common)

Super Mario Bros - Luigi Amiibo

No. 6 Toad (Uncommon)

Super Mario Bros - Toad Amiibo (1)

No. 7 Gold Mario (Ultra Rare)

Super Mario Bros - Gold Mario Amiibo



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