Splatoon Will Feature Male Squidlings

So far in all trailers and gameplay footage shown for Splatoon, Nintendo have always showcased the sleek female Squidlings. However, if you are seeking for more variety, than Splatoon has also solutions covered as the game indeed features male squid’s.

The developers behind the innovative shooter has shared the first concept art for the boy squid. The developer mentions that you can change the alter the appearance of the young boy squid, such as the glasses, shirt and shorts.

In addition to the concept art, Nintendo has shared a few more details about some of the core mechanics of Splatoon. Firstly, by covering the ground with paint will accumulate points that allows the players to use several Special weapon. One such weapon is the “Barrier” which repels the enemies attacks.

Splatoon is shaping quite nicely and likely to be a must have title among Wii U owners. Splatoon is scheduled for first half of 2015. For the latest updates on Splatoon stay tuned at Nintendo News Fix.

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