Splatoon Weapon Updates: E-litre 3k Scope & Neo Splash-o-matic

A new set of weapons will be available for Splatoon from tomorrow onward. The E-litre 3k Scope and the Neo Splash-o-matic will be stocked in Sheldon’s weapon shop.

The E-litre 3K Scope is a charger weapon with high range and damage. The weapon will more or less function the same as the E-litre 3K with the biggest difference being the attachment of a scope.

The  Neo Splash-o-matic is a shooter class weapon with high rate of fire similar to the Splatter Jr but with a direct line of fire. The Neo Splash-o-matic should be similar to the normal Splash-o-matic, with the only difference being the sub and special combinations

The weapons will be available in a number of hours from the time of writing, so be sure to check the game periodically.

What weapon will you be trying out first? Let me know by leaving a comment below!

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