Splatoon Tips, Trick And Strategies

It’s been a good two months since Splatoon hit the stores. Now that I’ve got a significant hours and experience under my belt, now is the perfect time to share some pointers, tricks and strategies for Splatoon. It may not seem like it initially, but Splatoon is a very deep and complex game with a number of tricks and strategies that players can implementing during skirmishes. Becoming a smart and tactical inkling will go along way to winning you the match.

Below are a number of tips, tricks and strategies for Splatoon. I’ll be updating the article with more points periodically, when I discover more useful advice for you.

Beginners Tips, Tricks & Strategies

1. A hidden squid is a good squid

Being hidden from enemies is an important tip for success in Splatoon. If the enemy can’t see you, they can’t shoot you. It’s logical right? Well sorta, enemies can still uncover hidden inkling with their own ink. Rather it is more accurate to say, if the enemy can’t see you, it is harder for them to shoot you. Strategically disguising in your own ink is essential to success. The small things will make all the difference. When possible always traverse by swimming in your own ink. When retreating from a firefight, hide your escape path by swimming into your own ink. When holding and patrolling a choke point or a strategic area, mask your position under the ink. I personally like to bait enemies to an area controlled by my own color, hide in the ink and surprise attack them.

2. Become a moving target

This is one mistake I often see online. Not many players are nimble and swift enough on the battlefield. Too often do I see players plant the inkling on the spot while entering in a fight. Just standing there like a sitting duck when a skilled hunter has its sights ready to pull the trigger. When entering a firefight, whether with a shooter, charger or roller, always be in the move. Small things like strafing from side to side, moving positions by swimming and jumping like a frog will make it significantly difficult for the enemy to splat you. You may have notice that many of the good players jump around when engaging opposing players. It’s take time and experience to get use to jumping and shooting, but it’s definitely a key skill to learn in Splatoon.

3. Pick your fights

A player who selects their fights wins the battle before the engagement begins. Plus there is no shame in retreating when the heat becomes too hard to handle. A good player will know when to retreat from an engagement, sometimes the players weapon class against the one you are using will simply give them an advantage. For example, a roller from a distance will not beat the Splattershot Pro, and the opposition situation is true. At time like this it is better retreat and find a place of advantage to engage from. Entering an engagement where you are at an extreme advantage will set yourself and your team back. Be a smart player and assess the situation.

4. Be a predator protecting its territory

Whichever rule-set you are playing, whether it be Turf War, Splatzones or Tower Control, controlling key strategic territory is pertinent to victory. If you can’t take and hold a certain choke point, your team has no real chance of taking victory. If you are the type of person who doesn’t mind taking one for the team, then spending most of your time taking and holding key strategical area’s is something you should consider your role as being. As a rule of thumb the central area of the map is the key area that must be controlled. In other modes like Splatzones and Tower Control holding a narrow passage way and choke points are essentials.


On paper Seeker sounds like an effective weapon, but it is a difficult to be successful with the weapon. A homing weapon that is not so good at homing. To land a target with the Seeker, you will need to use it at medium to close range, because fire it off at a distance will give the opponent ample time to swim away. Seeker is more of a surprise attack weapon that is very effective against rollers wanting to rush towards you.


The Splatwall is defensive tool rather than an offensive one. It is quite versatile in its utility. The Splatwall is most useful in maps with narrow passage ways. For example, Saltspray Rig, Port Mackeral and Moray Towers. In narrow passage ways, you can use the Splatwall to create a shield from enemy fire, stop the advance of rollers or a blockade to ensure a safe retreat.

Suction Bombs

I’m not too fond of the Suction Bombs. The best use I have found for the Suction bombs are as a defensive tools. The Suction bombs can be used to obstruct ink paths on walls and other vertical obstacles. I particularly like using the suction bombs to halt the advance of rollers and other opponents at narrow choke points.


Sprinkler is an amazing support sub weapon, particularly for Turf War and Splat Zone rule sets. For Turf War, you can use throw a sprinkler to cover an area, while you advance to enemy turf. The Sprinkler is particularly effective in Splat Zone, especially in maps with two zones to capture. Just a throw a sprinkler at your own zone and move towards the enemies zone.

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