Splatoon Stage Trailer And More

Nintendo held an exclusive event allowing members of the press to get an extensive hands-on on the upcoming Wii U exclusive, Splatoon.

A number of new information has come out of the event, which should get fans more excited about the title. Firstly, a brand new mode has been announced, Splat Zone.

The objective of Splat Zone differs from the previously known – Turf War. In Splat Zone, teams aim to control a square on the map by covering the area with their own paint cover. Holding the area will begin to eliminate a 100 point counter, which the first team to reach down to zero wins the match.

In addition Splatoon will feature a Rank system. Players will start of with a C- rank which increases as you win matches and perform well. Players with more or less equal ranking will be matched together online to achieve a level playing field.

Splatoon’s single player blends the multiplayer mechanics with a number of well designed levels. Previews suggest that the single player will not be a glorified tutorial, rather a fully fleshed out campaign.

From what I can gather, Splatoon is shaping up to be a surprise hit come May.

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