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Welcome to Nintendo News Fix’s Splatoon Boss guide. Don’t look anywhere else for information on how to beat each and every boss featured in Splatoon’s single player campaign. We will take you through the minor details spanning from Boss attack behaviors, strength and weaknesses, and of course strategies to beat them.

Table Of Content

  • Boss 1: The Mighty Octostomp
  • Boss 2: The Dreaded Octonozzle
  • Boss 3: The Rampaging Octowhirl
  • Boss 4: The Ravenous Octomaw
  • Final Boss: The Octobot King – DJ Octavio

Boss 1: The Mighty Octostomp

The mighty Octostomp is something out of a Super Mario Galaxy game. The Octostomp sort of resembles the iconic thwomp and judging by its behavior it’s safe to assume it was inspired by the familiar Mario enemy. The mighty Octostomp isn’t a particular hard foe nor it does display an excessive amount of aggression. So at the end of the day, the might Octostomp should not pose any serious problems for players.

Step 1: As soon as the battle start, the octostomp will immediately advance towards you. As soon as you regain control, shoot ahead towards the advance Octostomp, this will create a trial of Ink that will halt the advance of the octopus.

splatoon boss guide - great octostomp 1

Step 2. After a number of struggled steps in your ink, the octostomp will slam the floor fast down first. Please note the slam will create a pool of ink surrounding the body, use your gun to create Now you will want to create a path of ink alongside one of the side walls in order to reach the top. At the top, shoot the tentacle tail until it explodes. You will jump down and the Octostomp will eventually recover.

splatoon boss guide - great octostomp 2

Step 3. Repeat the process detailed in step one. When the Octostomp slams on the floor, you will need to paint your way up a Z shape path on the side of the boss. Once on top, shoot the tentacle tail.

splatoon boss guide - great octostomp 3

Step 4. Repeat the same process. This time on the sidewalls of the Octostomp there will be three moving panels that you must paint and climb. Again once on top, shoot the tentacle tail to defeat the mighty Octostomp.

Boss 2: The Dreaded Octonozzle

The second boss featured Splatoon is the Octonozzle – a bizarre sentry Octopus protected by the rusty metallic casing of a nozzle! As for attacks, the Octonozzle is a tad more aggressive when compared to the Octostomp. It will occasionally shoot out large balls of ink. In the later stages of the battle, it will shoot a line of 8 ink balls from the nose. This attack has a wide area of attack and the only credible way to avoid getting hit is to hide underneath your ink. Other than that the Octonozzle is rates fairly easy on the difficult scale and should not pose any troubles for you.

splatoon boss guide - octonozzle

As soon as you get control of your Inkling, move towards the Octonozzle. You will notice that a tentacle suction cup acting as a stop gap.

splatoon boss guide - octonozzle 2

Your essential goal is to shoot the suction cup. Successfully shooting the button will disorientate the Octonozzle, which in turn exposes the octopus tail on top of its head. Create a trail of plant on the face wall and then jump to reach the top. Shoot the tentacle tail until it explodes.

You will need this repeat the process two more times. The second phase you will need to shoot the tentacle at the top tier and then the bottom tier. The tentacle button will not always be underneath the nose of the Octonozzle, so you might be required to travel around its body to find the button.

splatoon boss guide - octonozzle 3

The third phase will have four buttons; two in each tier. Again you will need to shoot all four buttons and then swim on top to shoot the tentacle. After the completing the three phases, you would have successfully defeated Octonozzle.

Boss 3: The Rampaging Octowhirl

The third boss in Splatoon is the rampaging Octowhirl! The Octowhirl is quite docile in boss standards.  The Octowhirl has two behaviors patterns. Firstly, it will innocuously fly around spraying a path of ink.

Splatoon boss guide octowhirl

The second behavior pattern, the Octowhirl will charge a spin then proceed to charge at you. The strategy to beat the Octowhirl is quite simple. Essentially what you want to do is to create a large of pool of ink with sizable width and length.

Splatoon boss guide octowhirl 2

The next step is to bait the Octowhirl to charge towards you through your ink pool. Doing so will cause the Octowhirl to get stuck in the puddle exposing its tentacle. Shoot the tentacle until it explodes. Repeat the process two more times to defeat the rampaging Octowhirl.

Boss 4: The Ravenous Octomaw

The 4th boss in Splatoon is the ravenous Octomaw.  Like the previous boss battles, the Octomaw follows a strict pattern and behavior, so it shouldn’t pose too much of a problem.

Splatoon Boss battle guide Octomaw 1

At the start of the battle, the Octomaw will submerge itself into the ink and approach underneath. You can see its position by the fins sticking it.

Splatoon Boss battle guide Octomaw 2

The Octomaw will trap you with its teeth and then attempt to swallow you. To escape you will need create and opening by shooting at the teeth so they disperse, allowing you to escape.

Splatoon Boss battle guide Octomaw 3

Having escaped and the Octomaw attempted to bite, it will reemerge showing its tooth. Now you will want to quickly shoot the front teeth to find an opening to throw a grenade inside the hole within its mouth. Succesfully landing a throw will stun the Octomaw and consequently revealing the tentacle tail. Shoot the tail until it explodes. You will need to repeat the above process two more times. Do please note that the Octomaw teeth will be tougher as it will change to silver then into gold, but the process will be the same.

If by some chance that you miss the grenade throw, the Octomaw will retreat to the outskirts. Here it will dislodge its teeth, which will fly towards you and attack. Just shoot the teeth, until it is ready to swallow you again. From here you can repeat the process.

The Final Boss: The Octobot King – DJ Octavi0

The final boss in Splatoon campaign is the Octobot king. Unlike the previous boss fights, the Octobot King will put up a decent fight and I’m not joking around here. Expect at least 8 – 1o minute battle to defeat the DJ Octavi0.

Stage 1:

Splatoon dj octavia one

In the first stage, DJ Octavio is fairly timid attacking with some restraint. The most common attack will be a semi-homing missile which can be easily avoided by swimming within your own ink. At this point of the battle only two missiles will be shot.

Splatoon dj octavia 2

However, your main goal it retaliate against the DJ Octavio. Octavio will regularly fire out its hand directly at you. What you will need to do, is to shoot at the hand until it rebounds back towards Octavi0 and eventually hitting it. This will forcefully push DJ Octavio, so you will need to follow him.

Splatoon dj octavia 3

The stage will near its end when DJ Octavio fires off a large missile. Just continue shooting the missile until it deflects back to Octavio. Please note Octavio will return serve, hitting the missile back towards sacrificing a hand. So you will need to return the missile in total of three times.

Stage 2.

Splatoon dj octavia 4

In stage 2, DJ Octavi0 behaves largely the same as the fist stage albeit a little more aggressive. The biggest difference in this phase is that the boss has one more attack, which is a large ink laser. The move is heavily televised so it shouldn’t pose too much of a problem. The best advise here is to continue on the same strategy in stage 1.

Stage 3

In stage 3, DJ Octavio ups the ante with a stark change in aggressiveness. Attacks become more frequent and more ruthless. If it does get a bit too heated, my advice would be creating a large pool of Ink, so you can dodge incoming missiles and fists more quickly. Some platforms may have balloons, you can shoot the balloons to instantly create a large pool of your own

Splatoon dj octavia 5

Moreover, in this stage DJ Octavio will shoot out balls which will spawn minions. The minions shouldn’t cause you any trouble and are merely a distraction, so it is advisable that you dispatch them quickly. The strategy remains the same. Keep dodging attacks, shoot back the incoming fists and hit him with the large missile towards the end of the phase.

Stage 4

Splatoon dj octavia 6

The last stage is marked by the appearance of the Squid Sister song. The battle turns up significantly with attacks coming in fast and in a more frequent rate. What makes things more difficult is that the area in which you battle within is significantly more narrow, which restricts movement and limits wiggle room to dodge attacks.

It is advisable instead of dodging the missiles, you should instead focus on shooting them down. You don’t want the ink from the impact of the missiles to slow you down.

Splatoon dj octavia 7

At the very end you do not want to stay at the center.You will be a sitting duck for the laser attack, instead stay at the extension sticking from the side.

The strategy and tactics remain the same from previous stages. After successfully hitting DJ Octavio with the final large missile, he should fall and you will emerge as the victor. Congratulations.

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  2. This is the best final boss to any game ever!

  3. thank you very much for the boss guides!

  4. This boss is so ****** hard it took me bloody 10 hours to finish this bullshit

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    A month of hours of death on till I fucking beat it

    • I did on my 5th try…. If u want a guide to help you …. That may be a bit more in depth just ask I’ll be happy to make one 🙂

  9. Im level 1 (i have connectivity issues) and i did it on my 6th try. With the first gun splattershot junior….thanks to this guide so dont give him all this crap just coz you have no one else to blame but yourself.

  10. I can’t beat this stinking level!!!!! I don’t know why.

  11. I can so help u ppl. Ok, so in the first stage, he’s all like IMA REMIX YO FACE. the first thing u must do is immediately create a pool of ur ink big enough to fit the octowhirl in. Now wait for the first fist to come flying. Shoot that fist b4 it hits u! Do this 3 or 4 more times. As the author explained, shoot the giant missile that Octavio launches. I’m really sorry but that’s as far as I got!!! *hides behind pillow* it is sooooooo freaking hard!!! One second I’m sayin this is easy, the next minute the stupid laser takes my last life!!!!! Omg make this leval easier Nintendo!!!!!!

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    i have beaten it once i was so nervous to do the kraken challenge! how do u do it?!
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    10)Dj octavio
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    8)Dj octavio
    7)Dj octavio
    6)Dj octavio

    all the way to 1!!

  13. Thanks for help this worked

  14. i found a way to finish it quicker but im not sure if it will help since the boss is already hard

    (DJ Octavio)

  15. all you need to do is go closer to the boss even if its dangerously close but not too close it worked for me so it should for you guys

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  19. I got this on my 3rd try. The strategy is to dodge and shoot. Not that hard. 😞

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