Splatoon Sells One Million Units Worldwide

The ink shooting Wii U game Splatoon has sold over one million units worldwide, Nintendo has announced.

Launching at the end of May, Splatoon has taken the gaming world by storm selling over one million units in a matter of 3 weeks.

has sold one million copies worldwide. Thanks for playing, everyone!” Nintendo wrote on Twitter.

The breakthrough success comes as a huge surprise considering that Splatoon is a brand new IP with no previous precedent to gauge market interest and is a Wii U title with a relatively install base.

Splatoon has particular struck a chord in Japan with a quarter of that million being sold in Japan alone. More importantly, the Wii U has been the best selling home console in Japan since its launch.

The strong marketing push and the Global Testfire before its launch can be attributed to Splatoon initial success.

Nintendo also has been using a unique content release strategy, allowing the experience to remain fresh for players.

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  1. And chances are you’ll collect materials in lots of places.
    such because day by day missions.

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