Splatoon Rainmaker Ruleset Introduction Imminent

A new rank mode for Splatoon will be introduced in a matter of moments, Nintendo has announced. The rule-set is the previously revealed mode, Rainmaker.

In Rainmaker, Teams compete to take control of the weapon “Rainmaker.” The Rainmaker functions very similar to the Inkzooka- able to fire off large tornadoes of ink. The essential objective is to successfully escort the weapon to the enemies base, so it is vital to work as a coherent unit in order to win.

The Rainmaker mode will be available live tomorrow at 7pm PT in North America and on Saturday Morning for Europe. Again like all other content updates you will not need to download a patch, as it should naturally unlock itself when the time is right.

Nintendo has kindly uploaded an introductory video of the mode which you can view below.

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