More Splatoon Plaza Details

Following from the information shown during the latest Nintendo Direct, additional screenshots and commentary have been shared on Splatoon.

The next round of information showcase the plaza that features the games main modes and shops. Firstly, for those familiar with all-things Japan, the plaza is familiar to the famous district in Tokyo, Shibuya. Shibuya is known for being a fashion hub in Tokyo, so it seems fitting that the plaza is inspired by the famous district.

The second image showcases the tower that hosts the online turf war battles. The third image is the player profile screen. Here you can check out other players set-ups like what apparel their inklings is wearing and what weapon combination they are using.

You can view the screenshots and commentary below!

Splatoon is set for release on Nintendo Wii U in May. For the latest updates on Splatoon stay tuned at Nintendo News Fix.

splatoon plaza 1

This just in! We’ve now learned that most of the crazy squid creatures we’ve been studying call this city home. The central plaza is apparently a favorite hangout for all of the hip-and-happening squid folk. If this were Tokyo, the plaza would sort of be like Shibuya. I guess their cities aren’t so different from our own!

splatoon plaza 2

New info coming at ya! We’ve just received confirmation that this tower is a very important landmark in the plaza area. Our undercover interns have observed the squid creatures entering the base of the tower to play in turf-war battles online! Now it makes sense why so many squid folk are always hanging out in the plaza. How fascinating!

splatoon plaza 3

Follow-up report! Our researchers are now reporting that the squid creatures hanging out in the plaza are actually players who live elsewhere but gather here via Miiverse! We’re also learning that it’s apparently quite important to take note of what other players are wearing. Sweet deal!


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