Splatoon Nintendo Direct Summary: Suit-Up For Turf War

Nintendo has finished airing the Splatoon Direct, which was filled with lots of information from the research lab. The information covered was quite extensive ranging from stages, weapons, gear, modes and other miscellaneous information.

For your convenience I will gladly summarize the important tidbits regarding the games launch on May 29.

  • Splatoon will only have Turf War mode available at launch. Soon after, Nintendo will make Rank mode available with the first rule set being Splat Zones with Tower Control and Rain Maker following suite.
  • The August update will allow you to set-up party’s with friends to take on other teams.
  • In addition to new modes, every week or two new content will be made free which includes new stages, weapons, clothing and gear.
  • A demo is available for download. Players can play against others around the world at specific times. (Please check your countries Nintendo subsidiary for times)
  • Splatfest are special global events that players can participate in earning them additional Super Sea Snails.

These are all the important information coming out of the direct. Splatoon is launching for Wii U on May 29 in Europe and North America. Meanwhile, it will hit store shelves on May 30 in Australia and New Zealan.

As always get all the updates on Splatoon at NNF.

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