Splatoon Map Moray Towers Will Be Introduced Tomorrow

A new multiplayer map for Splatoon will be introduced into the rotation tomorrow, Nintendo has announced. The map is titled Moray Towers – which – judging by the looks of things – is a battlefield that focus on verticality and narrow bottlenecks.

Players who love using high range shooters and chargers will most definitely find comfort and success at Moray Towers. I suspect the rollers will be particularly important to rush into the enemies teams half. As with any shooter, it is important to maintain control of the high ground; this is especially important for Splatoon as smart players can effectively take control of a large section from the high ground.

Moray Towers will be available tomorrow from 7pm PT, which should be the early hours of Europe. As always, you won’t need to download an update, it is already on the disc and should unlock itself when the time elapses.

As always, for all the latest news on Splatoon, stay tuned at Nintendo News Fix.

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