Splatoon Inkbrush Weapon Available Tommorrow

Nintendo has announced that the Splatoon weapon – the Inkbrush – will be available for use tomorrow. From 11:ooam JST, the Inkbrush will magically appear in Sheldon’s shop.

The Inkbrush is a roller type weapon that has higher mobility than the standard affair. It does have smaller width, so it does no spread as efficiently as the rollers.  As for offensive capabilities, you can swipe the paintbrush like a sword to hurls swiftly glumps of Ink towards.

As for subs and specials, the Inkbrush will have the Sprinkler for its Sub and the Special, Inkstrike. Presumably, the Inkbrush is disk locked content like the previous content update, so there will be no need to download a patch.

Are you excited to try out the Inkbrush tomorrow? Let me know by leaving a comment below!

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