Splatoon Ink Mechanic Detailed

If you have been out of the loop lately, Nintendo of Japan has been updating fans with Splatoon tidbits via the official twitter account. The latest round of information reveals a little more on the Ink traversing of Splatoon.


Reported from the Squid Institution, the Japanese text above roughly translates to:

This is one of the mechanism that is installed underground base . Through the ink led to the rail , it seems possible to proceed to become the squid . It’s squid unique way of moving that you can dive into the ink . Even so , it’s somewhat cramped.

Essentially, players can traverse rails that have ink running through them. To do this you must transform yourself to a squid and dive into the rail.

Splatoon’s most interesting gimmick is to hide yourself within puddles of ink. From such a simple design element, allows a number of tactical gameplay possibilities.

Splatoon is scheduled for release during the first half of 2015. For the latest updates on Nintendo’s shooter or the Wii U stay tuned at Nintendo News Fix.

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