Splatoon Has 97.33% Sell-through In Japan

Reports from Nintendo that Splatoon has been out of stock through out Japan turned out to be true.

Media Creates reports that 97.33% of Splatoon’s inventory was sold during its first week, putting it among the record holders of highest sell-through rates in Japan. For comparison sakes, it even outperformed Pokemon Diamond, which had 97.12% sell-through rate.

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Media Create also has given number for the Splatoon Amiibo. The Splatoon Amiibo has sold 106, 000 units in Japan with a 90% sell-through. The research firm reports that Nintendo have not met the demand for the Splatoon Amiibo.

This report comes after the news that Splatoon sold 144,818 units in its opening week in Japan.

Are you surprised by the initial success of Splatoon in Japan? Are you enjoying the game as much as I’am? Let us know!

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Via: Perfectly-Nintendo, Media Create

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