Splatoon Carbon Roller & Custom Dual Squelcher Availability Imminent

Two new weapons for Splatoon will be made available soon, Nintendo has announced. The Carbon Roller and the Custom Dual Squelcher will hit Sheldon’s Weapon Store in a matter of moments.

As the name suggests, the Carbon Roller is a roller type weapon with likely with high inkspread, but low run speed. At the moment, we have no word on the Sub weapon and Special Weapon combination.

The second weapon is the Custom Dual Squelcher. The Custom Dual Squelcher will have the same statistics as the normal Dual Squelcher, but with the only difference being the Sub weapon and Special weapon. The Dual Squelcher has good range, but poor damage and average rate of fire.

Like the previous content updates, Nintendo hasn’t provided a helpful ETA for when the weapons will be available. But they should be live by 1o pm ET, 7pm PT tonight for American and 4 am Saturday for Europeans.

You will not need to run an update for Splatoon, the weapons will naturally unlock themselves when they are set to be available.

As always, to get all the latest updates on Splatoon content, stay tuned at Nintendo News Fix.

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